Perioperative SIG Meeting 2017


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Dr Alisa Crouch - Nutrition and haematinics in the perioperative period

Dr Andrew Hill - Do surgeons buy into Prehabilitation?

Professor Andrew Hill - The Australasian perspective

Dr Carol Chong - Perioperative Infarcts: Epidemiology, predictors and Epidemiology, predictors and post post-op monitoring

Dr Carol Douglas - Negotiating the tension between life and death

Dr Chris Steer - Cancer in older adults

Professor David Currow - Palliative care, surgery and palliative surgery​

Dr David Rankin - ANZELA-QI

Professor Ian Harris - Using quality research to change practice

Professor Jacqueline Close - Research Directions in Perioperative Medicine

Dr Jeremy Fernando - ANZELA-QI

Dr Jeremy Fernando - Who should lead Perioperative Care Debate

Dr Katy Gibb - Head and neck cancer

Dr Katy Gibb - The workings of a perioperative high risk clinic

Dr Lee Fleisher - American prespective

Dr Lee Fleisher - Research directions in Perioperative Medicine

Dr Lee Fleisher - Value based care

Mr Mike Hulme Moir - Why surgeons should lead perioperative medicine debate

Mr Mike Hulme Moir - Bowel Cancer Screening - an update

Dr Peter Pockney - ANZELA-QI

Dr Peter Saul - Communication and end of life

Dr Peter Saul - Dying in the 21st Century

Dr Peter Saul - Perioperative advance care planning

Dr Prakash Nayagam - Perioperative Medicine in Private Practice

Dr Robyn Smiles and Dr Sancha Robinson - Caught between Leo and Gemini – Cancer

Dr Sean McManus - ANZCA perioperative



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