Perioperative Medicine SIG meeting 2018


Please note: Only slides we have been given permission to publish have been uploaded.

Associate Professor Ruth Hubbard Frailty in the perioperative setting: the elephant in the operating room

Dr Ben Griffiths  ANZELA-QI: An update

Dr Tom Poulton – Clinical quality improvement: a how to guide in your clinical practice

Dr Joel Symons – The development of a formal qualification in perioperative medicine and the masters in perioperative medicine: how does the knowledge compare on a global scale?

Professor David A Scott and Associate Professor Lis Evered – Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction

Associate Professor Ruth Hubbard – Frailty: from academic definition to clinical applicability

Dr Nicola Broadbent – Frailty: from academic definition to clinical applicability

Dr Jeremy Fernando and Associate Professor Arthas Flabouris – An ICU update for anaesthetists, physicians and others

Professor Imogen Mitchell – “Leaning in”: encouraging women in the medical world

Professor Don Campbell  Perioperative models of care to improve outcomes and allow early out of hospital management of postoperative patients

Associate Professor Kerin Fielding The perioperative team is only as strong as its weakest link

Professor Toby Richards – Anaemia and risk modification in the perioperative setting

Dr Kate Burbury Fast Track Warfarin Reversal

Associate Professor Bruce Waxman Two sides to the coin: Surgeon and administrator

Dr Doug Campbell 50 shades of grey: how (in)accurate re existing risk prediction scores?

Professor Jacqueline Close Care of older people in surgery (COPS) - who, what and Does it make a difference
Professor Sunil Sahai – Preoperative evaluation of the cancer patient in light of previous neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Associate Professor Harry Gibbs – Perioperative management of antiplatelet and novel anticoagulant agents

Professor Stephan Schug – The complex pain patient in the perioperative setting

Dr Vincent D'Intini – Goal directed therapy to prevent acute kidney injury

Professor Imogen Mitchell – How do we minimise failure to rescue in the postoperative period?

Professor Sunil Sahai – The evolution of perioperative care from individual clinics to a holistic approach



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Kirsty O’Connor
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