Rural SIG Meeting 2017


It is with great pleasure that the Rural Special Interest Group invites you to join us for our annual meeting, at the Cable Beach Resort in Broome WA from July 7-8, 2017.
The meeting will mark two milestones: our tenth meeting and our first meeting in WA, which completes a full set of states and territories (including NZ) that have hosted the Rural SIG meetings.
The title of the meeting, “Delivering obstetric anaesthesia to the bush”, sees a return to the popular theme of delivering high quality obstetric anaesthetic care by rural specialists and GP anaesthetists in rural and remote areas.
Sessions will cover:
  • Labour analgesia
  • Anaesthetic management of caesarean sections
  • Diseases of pregnancy and obstetric emergencies

Our speakers will again be a mix of rural specialists, GP anaesthetists and obstetricians and invited obstetric anaesthesia experts. We are delighted to welcome Associate Professor Nolan McDonnell from King Edward’s Hospital, Perth and Dr David Elliot from Westmead, Sydney as our two keynote speakers and also welcome Dr Gavin Pattullo from Sydney’s Royal North Shore.
The workshops will focus on the ANZCA CPD emergency scenarios with an ‘anaphylaxis workshop’, an ‘obstetric haemorrhage simulation’ that will fulfil the requirements of “major haemorrhage” and an ‘ultrasound for epidural and TAP block’ workshop.
We look forward to meeting you in Broome.
Dr David Rowe
Convenor and Rural SIG Chair


Optional workshops – Saturday July 8

Workshops will take place on Saturday July 8.  The workshops include ultrasound, anaphylaxis and major haemorrhage.  Please note, the workshops are not included in the SIG meeting registration fee and can be booked individually at time of registration.

The use of ultrasound for regional anaesthesia and analgesia has been widely embraced over the last decade. This workshop will have small groups and live models and focus on the two areas where ultrasound is of most interest: visualisation of the neuraxis and the transversus abdominis plane (TAP).

Obstetric Haemorrhage Workshop
Massive Haemorrhage resulting in cardiovascular instability or coagulopathy can develop in any area of routine anaesthetic practice. This workshop will fulfil the criteria for the ‘Major Haemorrhage’ emergency scenario by using high fidelity simulation of Obstetric Haemorrhage scenarios to put the theory into practice.

Anaphylaxis workshop
Anaphylaxis is a rare emergency, however it is recognised that optimising management of the crisis reduces morbidity.  The workshop will take delegates through the AZAAG management guidelines (pre-reading required) utilising small group discussions to review the clinical presentation of anaphylaxis, the crisis management of various cases and the follow-up up of patients following a reaction.



Due to the meeting taking place in the ‘peak season’, the rooms at the Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa are now fully booked.  We suggest looking at alternative accommodation in Cable Beach or Broome.  Broome is a 10 minute drive from the Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa. 


Conference dinner

The dinner is included in your registration and will be held on the Okari Deck at the Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa. Additional tickets will be available for partners at $132.



Lectures attended will be claimable in your ANZCA CPD portfolio under Knowledge and Skills "Learning sessions" for one credit per hour.

Workshops attended will be claimable in your ANZCA CPD portfolio under Knowledge and Skills "Shorts Courses, Workshops" for two credits per hour.

Emergency response workshops attended will be claimable in your ANZCA CPD portfolio under the applicable emergency response category.

For further information or to register please visit the meeting website, or contact the meeting secretariat:
Kirsty O'Connor
Senior Events Officer
P: +61 3 9510 6299
ANZCA House, 630 St Kilda Rd Melbourne VIC 3004

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