​ANZCA statement on climate change

ANZCA Council has updated its statement on climate change to recognise the need for urgent and decisive action.
In observing the devastating impact of the Australian bushfires and extreme weather events over the summer, and noting the significant number of fellows who have contacted the college in relation to this, ANZCA Council has updated its statement on climate change to recognise the need for urgent and decisive action.
The ferocity and devastation of the bushfires and their link to climate change, have been particularly harrowing. ANZCA Council recognises that these events constitute a public health emergency, being one that warrants urgent and decisive changes.
Council accepts the recent statements on climate change published by leading local and international expert bodies and organisations.
We call on all levels of Australian Government to accord the timely response that this requires.
ANZCA will seek to lead by example in minimising the carbon footprint of our own college and professions.
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