ANZCA CPD aligns with MBA report

ANZCA’s CPD Program aligns with the Medical Board of Australia’s preferred option in introducing medical revalidation for Australian doctors.           

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) has stated its preference for option C in its Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment (CAMERA) report on revalidation, which aims to ensure that registered doctors are both up to date and fit to practise.


The board has indicated its intention to consult further with stakeholders, to determine a suitable model for Australia and advise how these could be piloted.


ANZCA’s CPD Program standard already contains the “bones” of option C. It aligns broadly with the stated principles and focuses on practice evaluation. 


The mandatory components of the ANZCA CPD standard include refreshing knowledge and skills in the interests of patient safety through the emergency responses category. The practice evaluation requirements all include the clearly structured educational objectives. 


Early indications are that the ability to participate in online or face-to-face forums (for example, case conferencing, small group discussions - CICO/cardiac arrest) will cover the so-called “blended” (the combination of individual and interactive group learning) and facilitated learning described in option C.


Multi-source feedback (MSF) is included, as is patient feedback (which does not simply focus on patient complaints). Performance appraisals are also embedded into the standard, though if required annually, will likely prove particularly difficult to implement for practitioners who do not have an employer. 


It does now seem that revalidation is one step nearer to becoming a reality. 


ANZCA has developed a close and constructive relationship with both the MBA and the Medical Council of New Zealand and while the devil may be in the detail, our College is now well positioned to respond to this challenge. 


We continue to pursue a deliverable solution that maximises improvements in patient outcomes.


ANZCA’s simple to use CPD portfolio system


The ANZCA CPD portfolio system is an intuitive, online system that allows CPD participants to track their CPD activities and store evidence of completion (for example, certificates of attendance) by uploading them in a process that is as simple as adding an attachment to an email. 


A customised dashboard allows participants to see at a glance where they are placed within their triennium – participants have three years to accrue 180 credits (100 in the practice evaluation category, 80 in the knowledge and skills category) and complete two activities in the emergency responses category.


Participants can also generate an annual certificate of participation from within their CPD portfolio which can be used to satisfy annual hospital requirements for proof of participation in CPD.


ANZCA’s CPD unit is on hand to help participants with any queries or issues relating to the CPD Program or accessing individual CPD portfolios via or telephone +61 3 9510 6299.


Dr Vanessa Beavis

Chair, CPD Committee


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