Cosmetic surgery patient information

We’ve developed a cosmetic surgery factsheet for patients. It covers key questions about sedation and anaesthesia.
ANZCA has developed a factsheet with accredited specialist anaesthetists to help anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery in Australia or New Zealand. The factsheet helps you to understand the risks associated with anaesthesia, and the key questions you should ask before having a cosmetic procedure.
It stresses the importance of seeking medical advice for cosmetic surgery procedures and ensuring they are performed in licensed facilities.
Thousands of cosmetic surgical procedures are carried out across Australia and New Zealand every year. Nearly all procedures will require the use of anaesthetic drugs.
This will range from a low-dose local anaesthetic to the use of sedation drugs, or a more complex general anaesthetic. Australia and New Zealand are two of the safest places in the world to have a procedure involving anaesthesia, but all anaesthetics have risks so it is important to talk to your general practitioner (GP) beforehand about your options.
We recommend that your discussion includes any medical conditions or allergies you have, and the medication you are taking. The key questions to ask are listed below in bold type. You can compare the answers given by your doctor to help decide if you are comfortable with the arrangements being made for your surgery.
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