Council elections

Voting has closed in the 2016 ANZCA Council elections.Election results will be announced on May 2 in Auckland at the annual scientific meeting.

The College received nine nominations for six vacancies on ANZCA Council. Two of these vacancies were due to retirement - Dr Lindy Roberts (WA) and Professor Alan Merry (NZ). 

Four councillors were eligible for re-election - Dr Patrick Farrell (NSW), Dr Genevieve Goulding (Qld), Dr Rod Mitchell (SA) and Dr Richard Waldron (Tas). The new candidates were Dr Chris Cokis (WA), Dr Brien Hennessy (WA), Dr Ajintha Pathmanathan (WA), Dr Nigel Robertson (NZ) and Dr Michael Veltman (WA).

There were also three nominations for the position of new Fellow councillor. Dr Scott Ma (SA) was co-opted in 2015 following the resignation of the previous new Fellow councillor and is standing again for election as new Fellow councillor. The new candidates are Dr Lakmini De Silva (Vic) and Dr Raviram Ramadas (WA).

Fellows had until April 8 to vote and a ballot count was held on April 11 with candidates informed of the result soon after.

Election results will be announced on May 2, 2016 in Auckland during the ANZCA annual general meeting being held at the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting.

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The candidates

Chris CokisDr Chris John COKIS, FANZCA 1997, MBBS (UWA) 1986, PTEeXAM 2002, RePTE 2013


"Since completing my FANZCA I have worked mainly in public but with some private practice. My main involvement with the College, which I have found interesting and rewarding, has been through the SIGs and the fellowship exam. 


"I think one of the greatest challenges the medical profession currently faces is the risk of being consumed by various regulatory groups. The College is in a strong position by virtue of the high standards it sets and I wish to continue to contribute to this process."

Nominated by: DA Scott (Vic), PJ Rodoreda (WA).


FarrellDr Patrick Thomas FARRELL, FANZCA 1992 (NSW) FFARACS 1986, MBBS (UNSW) 1979, FFARCS 1984, FRCA 1992, GAICD 2015


"As a member of ANZCA Council since 2009 I am keen to continue to contribute in that role. I bring my experience on council, including a variety of roles for ANZCA. I also bring my experience as a clinical anaesthetist and as a department director. ANZCA continues to face many challenges and our independence as a profession relies on the quality of the College’s training, standard setting and advocacy. In turn that depends on a committed and engaged fellowship. I am committed to a College with good governance that is relevant to the fellowship while fostering the highest quality of care in anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine." 

Nominated by: GA Goulding (Qld), A Armstrong-Brown (NSW)

GouldingDr Genevieve Anne GOULDING, MBBS (UNSW) 1979, FFARACS 1986, FANZCA 1992 (Qld), FAICD 2014, FCAI 2015

"To serve the community by fostering safety and high quality patient care in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and pain medicine.

"As president my task has been to lead ANZCA Council in achieving ANZCA’s mission, providing high quality contemporary training programs, outstanding CPD opportunities for all practitioners and development of medical educators, setting professional standards, disseminating relevant safety and quality information and engaging on emerging policy issues such as workforce maldistribution and perioperative medicine. I have longstanding, ongoing interests in doctors’ health and wellbeing and professionalism. I am committed to ensuring ANZCA retains its strong position as a leading medical college in Australia and New Zealand."

Nominated by: DA Scott (Vic), RG Mitchell (SA)

HennessyDr Brien HENNESSY, FANZCA 2000 (WA), MBBS (Hons Monash) 1991

"I am the head of the anaesthesia department of a large tertiary hospital but maintain a busy clinical public and private practice with interests in regional anaesthesia and acute pain management. I also have experience in ANZCA education and training, serving as a primary examiner and supervisor of training. I am privileged to have been trained by, and work with inspirational ANZCA Fellows and understand the different pressures we face as a specialty, both imminently and those on the horizon.

"As a councillor, I will bring integrity, an inclusive mindset and sensible decision-making for ANZCA’s core roles in education, training, continuing professional development and professional standard setting." 

Nominated by: DA Scott (Vic), LJ Roberts (WA)

MitchellDr Rodney Greig MITCHELL, FANZCA 2004 (SA), BMBS 1988, FAICD 2015, FRACGP 1995, Dip Obs RACOG 1992, DA (UK) 1991

"My focus as a councillor for the past seven years has essentially been twofold; ensuring that our College (a) strives to maintain safety and quality in the delivery of clinical care to the community, and, (b), as a membership-based organisation, represents the professional needs of our colleagues. If re-elected, this will remain my focus.

"I believe that in serving the community, our responsibility extends to considering health delivery needs of particular marginalised populations, and to considering broader public health issues. Workforce, defining and strengthening our role in perioperative medicine, and negotiating revalidation represent particular current challenges."

Nominated by: DA Scott (Vic), SA Jenkins (SA)

AjinthaDr Ajintha PATHMANATHAN, FANZCA 2011 (WA), MBBS (UWA) 2001

"As we all recognise, ANZCA, with its core foundation in education, also has a wider role and vision. As a relatively new Fellow and having experience in private and public practice across rural, metropolitan and international regions I hope to be an approachable representative for our colleagues in all quarters. 

"I founded ASPCOP in my early years as a consultant anaesthetist to bring together colleagues, enhance peer discussed care and education in the area of perioperative medicine and obesity.

"Not having prior ANZCA experience, I bring a fresh perspective and bring to the community a progressive, intellectual, agile, independent and passionate mind."

Nominated by: S Achuthan (NSW), NM Vanden Driesen(WA) 

RobertsonDr Nigel Niven ROBERTSON, FANZCA 1992 (NZ), FFARACS 1990, BSc MB, ChB (Edinburgh) 1982

"Enduring clinical experience and a strong professional and extra-mural leadership and management record provide a skill set that I believe will be valuable in service to the fellowship of the College. Healthcare systems in general (and medicine in particular) are facing potential change as never before and the College undoubtedly plays a vital role in training good doctors for the future and advocating for safe and high quality care for our patients, in the face of ever-more constrained fiscal conditions. 

"To serve on council is a privilege and I hope, if elected, to make a significant contribution to improving the practice of anaesthesia on both sides of the Tasman through good governance and advocacy."

Nominated by: AF Merry (NZ), GA Goulding (Qld)

VeltmanDr Michael George VELTMAN, FANZCA 2001 (WA), MBBS (UWA) 1990 

"I am a staff specialist predominately employed in Joondalup Hospital (a 650-bed hospital covering the north of Perth), as well as holding sessional appointments at RPH and SCGH.

"I have a long-standing interest in perioperative and pain medicine both of which I believe are important components of anaesthesia practice. Embracing these areas as part of anaesthesia training and scope of practice will be essential in defending the need and benefits of our specialty training. Our College should continue to maintain these standards, even in the face of increasing pressure to compromise quality or provide alternate pathways for training."

Nominated by: IHS Kurowski (WA), L Bredenkamp (WA)

WaldronDr Richard John WALDRON, FANZCA 1993 (Tas), MBBS (Uni Melb) 1982, MAICD

"I have been involved in College activities for some time whilst working in full-time private practice. Like the rest of council, I believe it is important that the views of the entire membership of the College are represented at council and I am in a fortunate position to be able put some of those views forward. Many of the issues that face ANZCA currently are of particular relevance, particularly workforce, perioperative medicine, CPD/revalidation and, more recently, the Federal Government MBS Review taskforce. I am seeking re-election to continue working in those areas."

Nominated by: GA Goulding (Qld), SA Jenkins (SA)  

New Fellow councillor 


Following are the names of the eligible Fellows who are candidates for the position of new Fellow on the ANZCA Council at the election on Friday April 8. The ballot will close at 5pm that day.

Election LakminiDr Lakmini DE SILVA, FANZCA 2013 (Vic), MBBS (University of Sydney) 2005, Bachelor of Biomedical Science Hons (Monash University) 1999  

"Having returned to Australia after working for two years in the UK, I have been navigating transition to consultancy in both public and private settings. Talking to colleagues within five years of fellowship, what resonates with me is the lack of preparedness we feel for the transition period and all aspects of independent practice. I feel this is something we can improve through the College to support our Fellows at an important and somewhat stressful time. Anaesthesia can be quite an isolating career at times and I think we need to do more to engage our Fellows."

Nominated by: MG Richardson (Vic), JJ Nicholson (Vic)

MaDr Scott Chern Yaw MA, FANZCA 2013 (SA), BMBS (Flinders) 2005, BMedSc (Flinders) 2002

"I have had the privilege to contribute as a co-opted member of council since March 2015. I have learned that the role has many responsibilities; the most important of which is to ensure that the College fulfills its mission and addresses the challenges facing our profession.

"The interactions with new Fellows during recent New Fellows Conferences and other meetings have provided me with the concerns of new Fellows from around all regions and countries. These concerns will guide me during a time when the College develops a new strategic plan and addresses the future of perioperative medicine, revalidation and workforce."

Nominated by: GA Goulding (Qld), DA Scott (Vic)

RaviDr Raviram RAMADAS, FANZCA 2014 (WA), PGCertCU (University of Melbourne) 2011, MBChB (Auckland University) 2005, BHB (Auckland University) 2002, BSc (Hons) (Otago University) 1999

"Professionally, my experience in a broad range of hospitals in NZ and Australia, along with committee representation with the ASA and ANZCA since 2010 has given me an excellent understanding of issues facing new Fellows, and knowledge of the College processes. Personally, I am motivated, hardworking and diligent, with a keen eye for detail as well as a 'bigger picture' view.  

"Acting as a strong advocate for new ANZCA Fellows I would ensure that we retain the highest standards of training within anaesthesia and defend the ability for ANZCA trained specialists to continue to provide the best level care of anaesthesia."

Nominated by: AF Halliday (WA), AD Swann (WA)



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