EPM launches in South America

Essential Pain Management (EPM) has been launched in South America with new instructors from five countries trained.          

Support ed by the Ecuadorian Society of Anaesthetists and the Ronald Geoffrey Arnott Foundation, instructors from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have been trained as well as Guatemala.


Participants in the launch were all representing their own country’s anaesthesia societies with the intention that they will be able to begin to promote EPM within their home countries


EPM has now been run in 40 countries around the world. The first Latin American EPM program was established in Honduras in 2012 with the support of Carolina Haylock Loor, President of the Sociedad Hondurea de Anaestesiolgia, Reanimacion y Dolor (SHARD). The program has subsequently expanded within Central America, Mexico and now into South America. The Ecuadorian program was led by volunteer instructors from Honduras and Venezuela.



For more information about the program please see here

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