Geoffrey Kaye museum wins prestigious award

The American Anesthesia History Association has awarded our online exhibition "Trailblazers and Peacekeepers" a prize for "Best Media of 2015".
On October 26, at the Anesthesia History Association dinner in Chicago (part of the American Society of Anesthesiologists annual meeting), the Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History was awarded the 2016 David M Little Jnr media prize under the category of Best Media of 2015 for its online exhibition "Trailblazers and Peacekeepers: Honouring the ANZAC Spirit". The exhibition was acknowledged particularly for its clever and creative design.

This is an international award and the "Trailblazers and Peacekeepers" exhibition was judged the best of the five finalists. We would like to thank the hard work of Honorary Curator Dr Christine Ball; museum curator Monica Cronin; and the many exhibition contributors who generously allowed us to use their personal stories of working in conflict and emergency relief zones. This award, while honouring the work of the museum honours them, also, in equal measure.

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