Safety alert - neural connector changeover

All fellows, including hospital department heads and anaesthesia craft group chairs, should prepare for new spinal, epidural and nerve block equipment.
All fellows need to be aware that neural device connectors are changing to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 80369-6 standard as part of an international patient safety measure to prevent the potentially fatal administration of medicines and substances. The new standards define the dimensions of the connectors for different clinical uses so they cannot be interchangeable.
While the timeframe for introduction has yet to be determined it is crucial that ad hoc introduction of this equipment is avoided as there are potential significant risks to optimal patient care.

Changeover to the ISO 80369-6 compliant devices should be planned to occur on one day and co-ordination between fellows, purchasing officers/supply departments, clinicians and pharmacy (where appropriate) is crucial. 
ANZCA has prepared a digital package to guide you through the process which features:
ANZCA is collaborating with the ACSQHC to provide guidance on the introduction of the ISO 80369-6 compliant equipment used for neuraxial and other neural procedures into clinical practice in Australia and New Zealand, and with other authorities as required. An updated joint ANZCA/ACSQHC statement will be released soon.
Manufacturers are now producing neural devices with ISO 80369-6 connectors and several companies are planning introduction to Australia and New Zealand in the next six months. Production of legacy products such as those with Luer connectors will end. A trademark name associated with devices compliant with the new standard is NRFit™.
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