WBAs: The changes in 2019

The WBAs are being relaunched in 2019 to re-emphasise and re-educate the ANZCA community on utilising WBAs as feedback and learning tools. 
A recent analysis of workplace-based assessments (WBAs) in the Training Portfolio System (TPS) showed that nine out of 10 completed assessments provided minimal feedback comments to help guide the trainees’ development. It also highlighted that most trainees did not document any reflections on the WBA encounter or formulate action plans for future encounters. 

It has become clear that we are currently not optimising the potential that WBAs offer to enhance trainees’ learning. So what do we do to improve?

The college has appointed 29 WBA Leads across Australia and New Zealand based on their enthusiasm and commitment to WBAs together with their educational expertise. Within their allocated region, each WBA lead will promote and advocate for WBAs as learning tools as well as provide WBA education and support at the local level.

Your department will soon be able to participate in a workshop delivered by your regional WBA lead on the WBA philosophy, processes and support resources to unlock the learning potential of WBAs. Don’t miss out, get involved and be part of the change to make a difference, for you and the trainees!

For more information regarding the relaunch, please visit the webite.
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