Website has been updated

The College has introduced a new content management system (CMS) to the ANZCA and FPM websites including an improved search function.
While the websites may appear the same, the new CMS allows:
  • An improved ability to search the website.
  • Mobile responsiveness (the website will adapt its display when transitioning from your desktop to a mobile device).
  • A new workflow process to ensure content is appropriately vetted before it goes live.
  • A platform that allows better design, such as scrolling banners. 

Later this year, the College will begin a project to redesign the website. This will include input from Fellows and trainees to create sites will which enable better, more intuitive navigation of information that is easier to locate. Unnecessary information will be removed. The result should be an appealing, professional looking website that is user-friendly for everyone. 

There are now about 10 interfaces to the website, which is the central access point for 90 per cent of ANZCA’s online systems.

Each year there are more than five million page views and 300,000 new visitors to the ANZCA and FPM websites. There are about 200,000 searches annually on the ANZCA website.
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