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The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive is pleased to announce the formalisation of a new sub-committee of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive, named the Anaesthesia Research Co-Ordinators Network (ARCN) Sub-committee. The new ARCN Sub-Committee is chaired by Ms Lauren Bulfin from Monash Health. The committee will represent more than 100 research co-ordinators faciliating anaesthesia research around Australia and New Zealand, most of whom are facilitating ANZCA Clinical Trials Network trials. 

Research co-ordinators are vital to the success of research departments as they provide the knowledge and expertise to perform critical roles in research and clinical trials, for example, screening patients suitable for studies, consent, recruitment and high quality data follow up. The ARCN Sub-Committee will develop strategies to support and mentor research co-ordinators in their roles and to help build and maintain a sustainable Clinical Trials Network workforce.

Aims and objectives of the Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network
  • To strive for excellence in delivering high quality trials. 
  • To build a sustainable network by developing research culture and capacity within departments.
  • To increase representation and diversity of research co-ordinators across regions and sectors.
  • To increase opportunities for research co-ordinators to access education and career progression pathways.
  • To enhance opportunities to promote anaesthesia research.
  • To partner with stakeholders to advocate for sustainable research co-ordinator funding.
  • To enhance collaboration among the network to share resources and knowledge.
  • To provide mentorship to anaesthesia research co-ordinators.

Annual Anaesthesia Research Co-Ordinators Network workshop

Each year ahead of the formal program of the Clinical Trials Network strategic research workshop, the ARCN Sub-Committee hosts a workshop for research co-ordinators and interested Fellows and trainees to discuss hot topics in clinical trial conduct. This workshop provides opportunities for anaesthesia research co-ordinators whom are often working in isolation to meet with their peers and mentors. The Clinical Trials Network Executive strongly encourages department heads to provide the opportunity for any anaesthesia research co-ordinator working in their research team to attend this workshop. 

Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network workshop

Advice on developing a business case to employ an anasethesia research co-ordinator

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive has developed a template to provide guidance on building a business case for departments to employ a research co-ordinator to facilitate research in anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine. For more information on the business case template and the role of the research co-ordinator, click on the link below:
Regional-based representation and mentorship program

Members of the sub-committee agreed at their inaugural meeting that it would be beneficial to the wider network to nominate among themselves to become regional-based/NZ representatives for research co-ordinators. They also agreed to become regional-based mentors for research co-ordinators in each state and NZ in the interim while a formal regional-based mentoring program is being developed. The regional-based representatives are as follows:

Lauren Bulfin

South Australia and Northern Territory
Dhiraj Bhatia

Sofia Sidiropoulos

Samantha Bates

Western Australia and private hospitals
Yvonne Buller

North Island, New Zealand
Sue Olliff

South Island, New Zealand
Margie Mckellow

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
Jaspreet Sidhu

Paediatric hospitals
Suzette Sheppard

Contact the Clinical Trials Network Manager to enrol in the program. 

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Phone: +61 3 9903 0942

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