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The College has developed a range of resources and support available to Fellows and trainees with an interested in pursuing a career in research or who would like to become involved in current clinical trials at their site.

We understand challenges that Fellows and trainees face to get involved in research, in particular when they are working in departments that do not have an established research program. Below are some of the initiatives of the Clinical Trials Network to help support your research endeavours. 

Annual Strategic Research Workshop

Each year in August, the Clinical Trials Network Executive runs a strategic research workshop where Fellows, trainees and research co-ordinators come together to develop their research ideas, hear about current multicentre research and how they can participate at their site, and to network with peers. For more information about the aims of the workshop visit: 

Getting started in research workshops

The Clinical Trials Network Executive runs a workshop at the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) on getting started in research. The workshop is aimed at people new to multi-centre research who are unsure of where to start. The session covers: developing your research idea; protocol development; pilot and feasibility studies; funding opportunities; funding your own research coordinator; setting up your site to participate in research; ethics and research governance; where to get help and further Clinical Trials Network support. Register to attend this workshop as part of your ANZCA ASM registration. 

Getting started in research

Call for sites to participate in Clinical Trials Network multicentre research

One of the core aims of the Clinical Trials Network is to build research capacity at sites to participate in multicentre research. The trial project teams will work closely with you to determine the feasiblity of undertaking multicentre research at your site and help you navigate the ethics and research governance processes. Please contact the clinical trials network manager to discuss the support provided by the Clinical Trials Network and trial project teams to help you get started in multi-centre research and to deal with challenges that you may face.

For more information on current Clinical Trials Network trials open for recruitment and to register your interest to participate with the trial project team, click on the link below:

Advice on developing a business case to employ an anasethesia research co-ordinator

We have developed a business case template to help justify the employment of a qualified research co-ordinator by your department or group. Each patient enrolled in our current clinical trials will receive per patient payments for your department. Sites capable of recuiting an average of four patients per week may be in a position to fund a full-time qualified research co-ordinator, which is vital to the success of research. For more information about the business case template and the role of an anaesthesia research co-ordinator, click on the link below:


Anaesthesia Research Co-Ordinators Network

The Anaesthesia Research Co-Ordinators Network is an informal network of anaesthesia research co-ordinators across Australia and New Zealand. Research co-ordinators are highly skilled and qualified professionals often with masters degree level qualifications who work at the coal-face of clinical trial delivery.

They screen, consent and recruit patients to clinical trials and undertake high quality data follow-up. Research coordinators are vital to the success of sustainable research departments.

The Anaesthesia Research Co-ordinators Network Sub-Committee has developed a regional-based mentoring program to link in research co-ordinators with mentors. The sub-committee also runs annual workshops as part of the annual Clinical Trials Network Strategic Research Workshop to enable research co-ordinators to network with their peers, trial teams and their mentors and to discuss issues relevant to clinical trial conduct. For more information about the Anaesthesia Research Co-Ordinators Network and support provided by the sub-committee, please click on the link below:

research coordinators


Endorsement guidelines

Endorsement of a clinical trial by the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network is a powerful badge of quality, adding to the competitiveness of studies in peer-reviewed grant processes, the acceptability of protocols to ethics committees, investigators and study participants, and the attractiveness of completed projects to editors and scientific meeting convenors. A rigorous process is vital to maintaining the prestige of ANZCA Clinical Trials Network endorsement. For more information about the endorsement process, guidelines and application form, click on the link below:


Survey research

The Clinical Trials Network Executive mandates survey research on behalf of the College. For ANZCA or FPM Fellows and trainees wishing to survey ANZCA members, please click on the link below more information about the suvery application process:

Mentorship Scheme

We have developed a mentoring policy for ANZCA or FPM Fellows and trainees who are undertaking, or wishing to undertake, research in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, pain medicine or related disciplines. The mentoring policy outlines eligibility and the mentoring process, which is arranged by the Clinical Trials Network Executive. For more information about the Mentorship Scheme and how to apply, click on the link below: 


Support to emerging researchers

The Clinical Trials Network Executive together with the Anaesthesia Research Co-Ordinator Network Sub-committee, Research Committee, the Emerging Researchers Sub-commitee and the Scholar Role Sub-committee have developed a range of resources to support Fellows and trainees get their research career underway and to support them on their research journey. Contact the clinical trials network manager to discuss current opportunities, resources and support available for Fellows and trainees. 


Emerging researchers


ANZCA Research Grant Program

With many thanks to the dedication of the ANZCA Research Foundation that works to raise more than $A1 millions dolars each year to support research to improve patient safety and care, there are a number of grant opportunities available to emerging and experienced researchers. These include academic enhancement grants, project grants and novice investigator grants. The College also has a Scholarship Scheme available as part of the ANZCA project grant available for Fellows and trainees wishing to apply for salary support while they undertake a higher research degree. For more information about the ANZCA Research Grant Program, eligibility and grant opportunites available, click on the link below:


Novice investigator grants

It is a major goal of the College to encourage and foster novice researchers in the field of anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicing. Early career researchers with no previous grant support are eligible to apply for a novice investigator grant. Applicants are able to submit a draft application by the 14th Jan each year if they wish to have a mentor from the Research Committee, or an experience investigator appointed by the committee assigned to review the application and provide feedback before the final submission deadline. For more information about the novice investigator grants within the ANZCA Research Grant Program, click on the link below:

Clinical Trials Network Pilot Grant Scheme


The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Pilot Grant Scheme is a fast-track program open to Fellows of ANZCA and the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM). The program was created to assist Fellows in the development of high quality projects with the potential to acquire competitive grant funding and to develop into a larger multicentre research studies. Applicants are encouraged to present their research proposal at the annual ANZCA Clinical Trials Network strategic research workshops held in August each year. 



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