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Safer surgery and effective pain medicine through research and education

All the modern and relatively pain-free surgical procedures, which have immeasurably improved our quality of life and our ability to save lives, ultimately depend on safe, effective anaesthesia.


Most patients can expect outstanding safety and comfort thanks to more than 150 years of dedicated research and education in anaesthesia and pain medicine.


But complications and deaths - while rare - still occur. Of particular concern are patients facing high risks due to the vulnerability of age, infancy or pre-existing conditions and illnesses.


As long as it is at all possible for complications, death, or serious pain to occur, we must work to prevent them.


New knowledge through research can make the difference between whether or not such patients can safely undergo - and recover from - the surgery they need.


Funding is urgently required to support research and education projects that will lead to improvements in medical knowledge, procedures and patient outcomes.  Lack of funding often stands between our skilled and dedicated specialist medical researchers, and innovations and knowledge that will lead to saving lives and ensuring they are full and pain free.


Donations can be made through the ANZCA Research Foundation to support this research program.


Overseas Aid Program

Access to high-quality anaesthesia and pain medicine is essential to good health outcomes and quality of life for children, families and individuals. However, many people in less developed countries and communities do not have the access to safe anaesthesia and pain medicine that we enjoy in Australia and New Zealand.


ANZCA Fellows regularly do voluntary clinical and educational work in developing countries to help deliver better health care, comfort and safety through improved access to safe anaesthesia and effective pain medicine.


In Papua New Guinea, where there is a severe shortage of anaesthetists and limited access to good medical care, ANZCA Fellows work with local doctors to improve anaesthesia training and to provide ongoing educational support.


ANZCA Fellows have developed the Essential Pain Management (EPM) course, which is designed to support rural and remote communities by improving pain-management skills, knowledge and abilities in developing countries. Local health workers quickly take responsibility for running the course, building local capacity and ownership. This helps to sustain better health outcomes into the future.


The EPM course has been taught in over 50 countries. Further information about the course can be found here.


Donors can donate to the Overseas Aid Program to help improve medical care through safe anaesthesia and effective pain medicine for people in marginalised or remote communities through the ANZCA Research Foundation.

 Fund a Fellow

There’s a crisis in lower income countries. Globally, 5 in 7 people lack access to safe, affordable surgery and anaesthesia.

ANZCA supports the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists’ Global Fellowship Programme, which provides skilled anaesthesiologists through low cost, high quality training across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.
Through partner hospitals, WFSA can offer these fellowships at no cost, but donors are needed to support fellows’ travel and living expenses. 

 “I might be the only practising paediatric anaesthesiologist in Zambia which has a population of 15 million… Since returning to Zambia I have been involved in teaching residents and undergraduate students.” -- Dr Christopher Chanda, Nairobi Paediatric Fellow

Your Fund-a- Fellow donations of any amount help train more developing country anaesthesiologists, improving outcomes for thousands of patients.

Over a year, $100 per month will support a Fellow’s education, travel and accommodation for a full month.
To donate, click here.


Further information about the Overseas Aid Program is available here.


Indigenous Health Program

Many indigenous communities have limited access to essential healthcare services and the related health outcomes often are markedly below acceptable national standards.


ANZCA Fellows are involved in various initiatives to improve access to quality anaesthesia and effective pain medicine for people in indigenous communities in Australia and New Zealand. These initiatives are designed to address the most urgent needs and make access to quality healthcare services more equitable.


ANZCA Fellows on the Indigenous Health Committee have developed a multi-faceted program that includes:


  • Support to encourage clinicians to work in remote areas.

  • Podcasts and case studies to help specialists understand indigenous cultural and health issues, and better prepare them for work with indigenous communities.

  • Mentoring programs for indigenous high school students and medical students, working closely with the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association and Te ORA, the Maori Medical Practitioners Association.

  • Organising a future scholarship to support research into anaesthesia and indigenous patients.


Additional funding is required for many of these programs to proceed.

ANZCA's Indigenous Health Program offers a wonderful opportunity for donors to help those people who desperately need access to the essential healthcare that many of us take for granted.


Donors can donate to the Indigenous Aid Program through the foundation.


Further information about ANZCA's work with indigenous communities is available here.



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