The Patrons Program



Patrons of the ANZCA Research Foundation are among its most important supporters, having made a personal commitment to regularly support medical research and education projects that advance the specialties of anaesthesia and pain medicine.


The Foundation accepts New Zealand patron pledges of $NZ1000pa and Australian patron pledges of $A1000 or more to support research and education conducted by ANZCA Fellows.Foundation-patient-dr-mask.jpg


The patrons’ significant contributions are invested to produce a vital stream of income to support future research and education projects. These projects lead to improvements in medical knowledge, procedures and outcomes for patients, through safer and better anaesthesia, surgery and treatment for acute and chronic pain.


Patrons of the ANZCA Research Foundation are formally recognised in the December edition of the College magazine, the ANZCA Bulletin.


Patrons who contribute $A5000 or more are recognised as "president’s patrons".


Patrons whose gifts reach $A25,000 are recognised as "life patrons". This amount may be paid as a single payment or by an annual payment of $A5000 over five years. Life patrons are further recognised with their names recorded on the ANZCA Research Foundation honour board at the College.


Patrons whose gift reaches $A100,000 are recognised as governors of the ANZCA Research Foundation. This amount may be paid with a single payment or by an annual payment of $A25,000 over five years. A governor will, in addition to the recognition afforded to a life patron, be invited to have a research grant award made by the College named in their honour. Such an award will be made each year for 10 years.


By joining the ANZCA Research Foundation Patrons Program you will be investing in the future of safer surgery and better pain treatment. You will help to restore quality to patients’ lives.


Join the Patrons Program


The ANZCA Research Foundation is grateful to all of its patrons and donors, and thanks each for their generosity, continuing commitment and support.


To join the ANZCA Research Patrons Program, please click below:


To find out more about the Patrons Program, please email the foundation here.


Our patrons


The Cole family (Vic)
Dr John Boyd Craig (WA) (1918-2013)


Life patrons

Dr Hartley Atkinson (New Zealand)

Professor Barry Baker, AM (NSW)
Dr P A Scott Germann (SA)

Dr William Howard (Vic)
Dr Peter Lowe (Vic)
Dr Felicity Re (NSW)

Associate Professor John Rigg (WA)
Dr Lea Thin Seow (SA)
Dr Skantha Vallipuram (Vic)

President’s patrons

Dr Thomas Allen (SA) (1923-2012)
Dr Gregory Austin (Tas)

Dr Dieter Berens (Qld)

Dr George Boffa and Mrs Laura Boffa (NSW)
Dr Michael Boykett (Vic)

Ms Priscilla Bryans (Vic)

Professor Tess Cramond, AO, OBE (Qld) (1926-2015)

Sir Roderick Deane, KNZM (New Zealand)
Dr Nerida Dilworth, AM (WA)
Dr Carolyn Fowler (New Zealand)

Dr John Gray (Vic)
Mrs Di and Mr John Gross (Vic)
Dr John Harriott (WA)

Dr John Harrison (Vic)
Dr Anne Jaumees (NSW)
Dr Helen Kolawole (Vic)

Professor Kate Leslie, AO (Vic)
Dr Gail Littlejohn (Vic)
Dr Guoming Liu (Vic)

Professor Alan Merry, ONZM (New Zealand)
Mrs Marie Morton (Vic)

Dr Arthur Penberthy (Vic)
Dr Lindy Roberts, AM (WA)
Dr Robert Smith (Vic)

Ms Kate Spargo (Vic)
Dr Francois Stapelberg (New Zealand)

Dr Walter Thompson, AM (WA)

Dr Richard Vaughan, AM  (WA)

Associate Professor Richard Walsh (NSW)

Dr Leona Wilson, ONZM (New Zealand)
Elesmere Anaesthetic Services (Vic)


Dr Michael Allam (ACT)
Dr Christopher Bain (Vic)
Dr Guy Buchanan (ACT)
Dr Terasa Bulger (New Zealand)

Dr Bernard Cook (NSW)
Dr Alexander Cottle (Qld)
Dr Ketayun Daruwala (Vic)
Dr Julia Fleming (Qld)
Dr Lenore George (NSW)
Dr Hamish Gray (New Zealand)
Dr Andrew Jeffreys (Vic)
Dr Corinne Law (New Zealand)
Mr Brian Little (Vic)
Dr Hendry Liu (NSW)

Dr Cornelis Matthijssen (SA)
Dr Thomas Painter and Dr Carolyn Wood (SA)
Professor Philip Peyton (Vic)

Dr John Poulos (NSW)
Dr W John Russell (SA)
Dr Tao Slykerman (Qld)
Dr Martin Schuitemaker (New Zealand)


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