Australasian anaesthesia 2005

 Australasian Anaesthesia cover 2005



Errors in Medicine: a Human Factors Perspective - Gaylene Heard


Initial Airway Management of Blunt Upper Airway Injuries: A Case Report and Literature Review - Cliff Peady


Recent Advances in the Management of Burns - John F. Fraser


Antiplatelet Drugs - Keith Kelly


Malignant Hyperthermia: Investigation for the Uninitiated - Mark Waddington


The COX-2 Dilemma - Keng Low


The Future of Selective COX Inhibitors - James Mitchell


Fifty Years of DNA - Mark Josephson


Awake Craniotomy: Anaesthetic Guidelines and Recent Advances - John R. Cormack and Timothy G. Costello


Don’t Get Sucked in: Anaesthesia for Magnetic Resonance Imaging - David Olive


Anaesthesia, Venous Thromboembolism and Hip and Knee Joint Replacement - Richard F. O’Reilly and Anthony E. Williams


Analgesia after Thoracotomy: the Role of the Extrapleural Paravertebral Catheter - Erin Cook and Catherine Downs


Glycaemic Control and Anaesthesia - Michael Veltman


Inotropes in Children - Michael Clifford


Management of Acute Herpes Zoster - Lisa Manchanda


Botulinum Toxin in Pain Management - Michael Vagg


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - Eric J. Visser


A Review of Cerebral Autoregulation: Assessment and Measurements - Erhard W. Lang, Yugan Mudaliar, Jim Lagopoulos, Nick Dorsch, Alan Yam, Jane Griffith and Jamin Mulvey


Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Mortality in Critical Care Patients: An Application of Supervised Machine Learning - David A. Cook


From SIRS to Sarees: Intensive Care in India - Nikki Blackwell and Carole Foot



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