Australasian anaesthesia 2009


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Radiofrequency Procedures in the Management of Pain: State of the Art in the Early 21st Century
Roelof Van Wijk


Preventing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality: Management of the Collapsed Obstetric Patient
Nolan J McDonnell


Behaviours in the Operating Theatre: From Observer to Teacher
Jodi Graham


What is Pain? I: Terms, Definitions, Classification and Basic Concepts
Eric J. Visser and Stephanie Davies


What is Pain? II: Pain Expression and Behaviour, Evolutionary Concepts, Models and Philosophies

Eric J. Visser and Stephanie Davies


Coagulation and Point-of-Care Monitoring of Platelet Function Assessment
Douglas Gray and Tom Collyer


Cuff Pressure Monitoring in Paediatric Laryngeal Mask Airways: Is it Worth the Pain?
Britta S von Ungern-Sternberg


Anaesthesia and Dubious Surgery
David W. J. Mecklem


The Green Anaesthetist
Forbes McGain, Eugenie Kayak and David Story


The Gender Revolution We Had to Have
Jane Margaret McDonald


Mirrors, Magnets and Other Marvels: Non-pharmacological Treatments in Chronic Pain
Pam Eccles


Post Operative and Maintenance Intravenous Fluids in Children: How Much Sodium Should We Give?

Sarah McNab, Holly Robinson, and Andrew Davidson


Airway Fires in the Operating Room

Rebecca Branch and Jeremy Cooper


Physician Assistants in Perioperative Medicine
Guy Ludbrook and Terri Peischl


Anaphylaxis and Anaesthesia. What Can We Do Better?
Michael A Rose and Malcolm M Fisher


Chemical Restraint of Estuarine Crocodiles – A Fresh Perspective
Catherine Hellier with assistance from Annabelle Olsson


Peri-operative Management of Anti-platelet Drugs
Sharon Roche


Neuroinflammation: The Parasympathetic Anti-inflammatory Pathway
Simon Robertson


Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: Modern Techniques, Indications, and Outcomes
Graeme MacLaren


Strategies to Accommodate Future Intensive Care Demand in Australia
Charlie Corke and Evelyne de Leeuw


The Ethics of Surrogate Decision Making in Medicine: Autonomy, Paternalism, or a Different Approach?
Sharyn Milnes


The Utility of Non-invasive Cardiac Output Monitors in Anaesthesia
Tuong D Phan


Anaesthesia for Coronary Artery Surgery: Imperatives, Influences and Evolution
Brendan Silbert


Adjuvant Intrathecal Drugs used with Spinal Anaesthesia for Lower Segment Caesarean Section in New Zealand
Anthony Young and John Barnard

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