Doctors' health and wellbeing

Healthy doctors ensure a sustainable workforce that provides best patient care. Find out what we're doing to support our doctors' health and wellbeing, and the services and resources available to our fellows, trainees, specialist international medical graduates and immediate family members. 


Doctors' Health and Wellbeing Framework 

In 2018, significant progress has been made with the collaborative drafting and college-wide consultation on a pilot framework and planning for operationalisation in 2019.
Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback during the draft interim framework consultation period. The feedback received was most encouraging and highlights:

  • The importance of and support to ANZCA’s commitment to doctors’ health and wellbeing
  • The role that we all hold in creating ‘Better health and wellbeing’
  • Five terminology-related amendments to improve clarity of the pilot framework which will be in place until November 2019

Free Doctors' Support Program

While providing the highest level of care for an extraordinary amount of critically ill patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we nurture and sustain our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Confidential live chat with a counsellor is available 24/7. You can also access the Coronavirus Support and Resource Hub through our client online portal. 
1.        Navigate to Converge International  in your preferred web browser. 
2.        Hover your mouse curser over Portal Login at the top right hand side of the screen 
3.         Enter Username: ANZCA
4.         Enter Password: ANZCA  and click LOGIN
5.         Click on the coronavirus tile under the Coronavirus resources hub banner

As always, Converge International are dedication to supporting you in other areas of your life. ANZCA remains engaged with the professional services of Converge International – a confidential and independent counselling and coaching service.

The ANZCA Doctors' Support Program is free for all ANZCA fellows, trainees, SIMGs and immediate family members.

Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces

Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces is an initiative of the Wellbeing Special Interest Group and Everymind, with support from the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) and additional funding leveraged under The Prevention Hub. The purpose is to provide a toolkit to support better mental health and wellbeing for anaesthetists and anaesthetic trainees. 

The Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces toolkit is a resource to support anaesthetic departments and individual anaesthetists to operationalise a framework they can put into action. Through using the toolkit, a department or individual practitioner can identify strengths and gaps, and take a comprehensive approach to developing an action plan for change.

In line with the college’s commitment to doctors’ health and wellbeing, we are pleased to show support for this initiative and encourages you to take advantage of this valuable resource.

To access the toolkit online please click here

Doctors’ health advisory services

Our directory of doctors' health advisory services in Australia and New Zealand will help you to find your local support programs and helplines.

Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment

ANZCA considers bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment (BDSH) unacceptable behaviour that will not be tolerated under any circumstances. fellows and trainees acting as college representatives are responsible for ensuring an environment free of this behaviour.

Find out more about what we're doing; and the resources and channels available to you, on our BDSH page.

How to make a complaint or raise a concern

While responsibility for bullying, discrimination and harassment are normally the responsibility of employers, fellows and trainees acting as college representatives are reminded that they must ensure an environment free of these behaviours.  

If you have experienced or observed inappropriate behaviour by a college representative please bring it to our attention by completing this online form. All notifications received are treated as confidential unless we request your permission to the contrary.

If you would like to discuss your concerns before submitting the notification form, please contact the ANZCA CEO on +61 3 9510 6299 or email


Early indicator checklists and introduction

A series of checklists has been developed for supervisors of training (SOTs) that need to initiate management to assist a struggling trainee. The checklists provide a guide to addressing an issue raised about a trainee or by the trainee themselves, as well as a directory of resources available to you.

Wellbeing SIG

To protect the personal and psychological wellbeing of our fellows and trainees, we offer a range of resources through the Wellbeing special interest group.


Promoting good practice and managing poor performance guidelines

We have prepared a series of guidelines for anaesthesia and pain medicine managers, leaders, mentors and colleagues that support excellent professional standards and assist in identifying and managing practitioners who may be performing below an acceptable professional standard.


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