Doctors' Health and Wellbeing Framework

In February 2018, a group of trainees, fellows, councillors, staff, and representatives from the Welfare SIG, and our sister colleges and societies met to develop a proposed new approach to doctors' health and wellbeing. 

The consultation period for the framework is now closed. Thank you to all that provided feedback. Responses from this consultation will be used to further develop the draft framework. Updates will be provided via this website and through other college communications. Please see below for activities and outputs.



One of the four main goals outlined in ANZCA's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is “Supporting workforce and wellbeing”. The first step towards achieving this is to develop a doctors' health and wellbeing framework.

In February 2018 a group of fellows, trainees, councillors, staff, and representatives from our sister colleges and societies met to develop a proposed new approach to doctors' health and wellbeing. 

The following framework, which has been adapted to ANZCA's needs from
beyondblue's “First responders’ good practice model for mental health and wellbeing” because of the similarities in its principles, action-orientated approach and the people it aims to support, is built around four key components:

The overarching intent

The overarching intent of this framework – better health and wellbeing – encompasses the holistic health and wellbeing of our doctors.

Three integrated action areas

  1. Promotion: Promoting the positive aspects of being in the profession as well as the importance of self-care in the role of doctor. Promoting research.

  2. Protection: Advocating to reduce profession-related risk factors for health and wellbeing and increasing protective strategies.

  3. Support: Providing effective and accessible services and programs to support doctors’ health and wellbeing. Encouraging those who need treatment; de-stigmatising mental illness; and promoting inclusion.

Four key principles

There are four key principles that will guide the implementation of all health and wellbeing actions in alignment with this framework.

  1. A collaborative approach and a willingness to respond: Reflecting the collective effort considered essential to achieve the overarching intent. We are all part of shifting the professional paradigm to one that considers the health and wellbeing of our doctors a priority.

  2. Risk and protective strategies: Reflecting our ability to promote strategies to modify the risks to our doctors through education, policies and other areas of influence in employer organisations.

  3. A respectful, positive approach to creating a safe and supportive culture: Reflecting our ability to provide leadership and advocacy in the profession, supporting a culture which positively embraces the importance of doctors’ health and wellbeing.

  4. An accessible, integrated, holistic approach: Reflecting our ability to provide integrated strategies that consider work environment, personality factors, home and personal life, and the potential stigma associated with seeking help.

Career life cycle

This reflects the importance of the transition across the following stages to a doctor's career: Training; new specialist; mid-career; retirement; and return to work. And that this should be considered in relation to the framework intent, actions areas and principles. 

What happens next?

The doctors' health and wellbeing strategy will be delivered in phases over the coming 5 years (in line with the ANZCA 2018-2022 strategic plan). Please find below the next steps, which outline the operalisation of the framework, and how we intend to use it.


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