ANZCA offers a wide range of free online courses and resources to support anaesthetic training and the personal and professional development of its Fellows and trainees. 

The College's online courses and resources are hosted on Networks, our learning management system.
Available courses and support resources include:


Online modules for trainees, scholar role tutors and supervisors of training (SOTs) on how to achieve the scholar role requirements of the training program.
Comprising of 14 e-learning modules on the topics of critical appraisal, clinical audit and learning and teaching.
These modules will help ANZCA trainees meet the scholar role competencies in the ANZCA curriculum, and also assist scholar role tutors and SOTs to understand the requirements of the scholar role and provide support for trainees in this area.


A self-directed course designed to introduce Fellows, supervisors and trainees to a framework that can be applied to feedback conversations that occur in both clinical and simulated settings.
Comprising of seven interactive e-learning modules that are targeted at all levels of expertise and experience in feedback conversations, the course can be worked through individually, or in pairs or small groups.


A face-to-face course offered in all ANZCA training regions aimed to help ANZCA introductory trainees succeed in training. For trainees who are are unable to attend a face-to-face course, all the Part Zero course presentations and resources are available online via Networks.
The course offers an orientation of the training program; an understanding of requirements and expectations; sharing of support resources; sharing of tips for trainings and exams; and information on welfare.


A series of checklists for supervisors of training (SOTs) needing to initiate management to assist a struggling trainee. The checklists provide a guide to addressing an issue raised about a trainee, or by the trainee themselves, as well as a directory of available resources.
Comprising of an introductory document and five checklists addressing the most common early indicators of a trainee experiencing difficulty.


ANZCA's education events

The College also offers a range of educational events and training courses across Australia and New Zealand for both Fellows and trainees:

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