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Note: Dates in italics flag the dates of recent changes to the regulation, e.g., 10/04 indicates a change made to the following paragraph in October 2004.


The Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Medal was established in 1979 and was adopted by the College following its incorporation.


12.1   This award is made at the discretion of ANZCA Council in recognition of major contributions to the status of anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and/or pain medicine, including, but not limited to, outstanding service to the activities of the College.


12.2        Nominations for the award will be considered at any ANZCA Council meeting.


12.3      All nominations will be made in writing, formally proposed by two members of ANZCA Council, and submitted to the chief executive officer at least 30 days before the ANZCA Council meeting.


12.4        Each nomination will be accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the nominee.


12.5        ANZCA Council will vote on the nomination by secret ballot.


12.6       No award will be made unless at least three-quarters of the voting members of ANZCA Council present and voting vote in favour with abstentions not being counted in the total number of votes.


12.7        Nominations rejected by ANZCA Council may be reconsidered if formally proposed and seconded at a subsequent ANZCA Council meeting.


August 2013


Faculty of Anaesthetists, RACS Medal

Inaugural awards were made in October 1979 to:

  • Leonard Thomas Shea, New South Wales
  • Peter Penn, Victoria

Subsequent Awards:

  • 1982  William John Watt, NZ
  • 1987  Miss Nancy A O'Donnell, Vic
  • 1988  Gwenifer Catherine Wilson, NSW
  • 1989  Basil Rockliff Hutchinson, NZ
  • 1990  Graham Chudleigh Fisk, NSW

Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists’ Medal

  • 1997  Presented May 1998 Peter Anderson Lowe, Vic
  • 1997  Presented May 1998 Alan Forbes Merry, NZ
  • 1998  Presented May 1999 William Rayner Fuller, SA
  • 1999  Presented Nov 1999 John Francis Mainland, Vic
  • 1999  Presented May 2000 Patricia Mackay, Vic
  • 2001  Presented May 2001 Lim Say Wan, Mal
  • 2001  Presented May 2002 Aldo Victor Dreosti, SA
  • 2002  Presented May 2003 Ian Rechtman, Vic
  • 2002  Presented May 2003 Margaret Stuart Smith, OBE, NZ
  • 2003  Presented May 2004 Sally Elizabeth Drew, SA
  • 2003  Presented May 2004 David Henry McConnel, Qld
  • 2004  Presented May 2005 John Michael Gibbs, Qld
  • 2004  Presented May 2005 John Aubrey Henry Williamson, SA
  • 2007  Presented May 2008 Barrie Thomas McCann, Qld
  • 2009  Presented May 2010  Robert Manching Wong, WA
  • 2009  Presented May 2010  Diana Coraline Strange Khursandi, Qld
  • 2012  Presented May 2013  Victor Ian Callanan, Qld
  • 2015  Presented May 2016 Steuart Henderson, NZ
  • 2018  Awarded by ANZCA council to Richard James Dunbar Harris, SA
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