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The Harry Daly Research Fellowship was established by the Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, in 1981.

The Harry Daly Research Award may be made in any of the categories of research awards made by the College provided the project is judged to be of sufficient merit.


  • 19.1 The Award will be made each year to the highest ranked grant assessed by the ANZCA Research Grant processes.
  • 19.2 The contribution of the College must be acknowledged in all publications and presentations of the research project.
  • 19.3 The recipient must comply with the requirements as set out in the College documentation relating to the research awards.




Inaugural Award 

  • Oct 1982 Malcolm McDougal Fisher, New South Wales
    Antibodies to muscle relaxants
  • 1983 Noel Morris Cass, Victoria
    Correlation of muscle relaxant levels with electromyography
  • 1984 Not Awarded
  • 1985 Not Awarded
  • 1986 Robert Oliver Edeson, Western Australia
    Theoretical and experimental studies in synaptic electrophysiology and molecular pharmacology related to anaesthesia
  • 1987 Robert Oliver Edeson, Western Australia
    Theoretical and experimental studies in synaptic electrophysiology and molecular pharmacology related to anaesthesia
  • 1988 Robert Oliver Edeson, Western Australia
    Theoretical and experimental studies in synaptic electrophysiology and molecular pharmacology related to anaesthesia
  • 1989 Not Awarded
  • 1990 Not Awarded
  • 1991 Andrew David Bersten, South Australia
    Renovascular control during sepsis: impact of sympathomimetic amines
  • 1992 Christopher John Joyce, New Zealand
    Lung Volumes and Inspired Oxygen
  • 1993 Robert Kendall Webb, South Australia
    Incident Monitoring in Anaesthesia
  • 1994 Harry Owen, South Australia
    Comparisons of Variable Dose Patient Controlled Analgesia to Fixed Dose PCA
  • 1995 Not Awarded
  • 1996 Anthony Walker Quail, New South Wales
    Effects of Exogenous Nitric Oxide Donors on the Distribution of Regional Coronary Blood Flow in the Anaesthetised Dog
  • 1997 Neil Pollock, New Zealand
    Genetic Test for Malignant Hyperthermia
  • 1998  Katherine Leslie, Victoria
    The Effect of Mild Hypothermia on Emergence from Anaesthesia
  • 1999 David Anderson Scott, Victoria
    Spinal application of -conotoxin GVIA in modulation of hyperalgesia and neuropathic pain
  • 2000 Andrew David Bersten, South Australia
    The dynamics of surfactant proteins across the alveolocapillary barrier in ARDS
  • 2001 Mark Jacob Fajgman, Victoria
    Should pregnant patients have open or laparoscopic surgery?  Effect of laparoscopy on fetal wellbeing
  • 2002  Paul John Wrigley, New South Wales
    Mechanisms of cannabinoid and opioid action in neuropathic pain states
  • 2003 Laurence Edward Mather, New South Wales
    New analgetic and anti-inflammatory treatment strategies related to NMDA receptor antagonism
  • 2004 Dr Brendan Silbert, Victoria
    Is regional anaesthesia associated with postoperative cognitive deficit in the elderly?  A prospective randomized controlled trial
  • 2005 Dr Rinaldo Bellomo, Victoria
    A study of the nature and mechanisms of tubular injury in experimental septic acute renal failure
  • 2006 Prof Paul Myles, Victoria
    International Perioperative genetics and safety outcomes study in cardiac surgery (iPEGASUS)
  • 2007 Prof Michael Cousins, New South Wales
    Regulation of serotonin receptors by anti-migraine drugs
  • 2008 Prof Michael Cousins, New South Wales
    A new strategy to inhibit visceral pain
  • 2009 Dr Matthew Chan, Hong Kong
    Re-defining the Warning Criteria for Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring
  • 2010 Assoc Prof Jennifer Weller, New Zealand
    The effectiveness of video-based training to improve teamwork behaviours in acute care: a randomized controlled trial
  • June 2011 Award renamed
    (from “Harry Daly Research Fellowship” to “Harry Daly Research Award”)
  • 2011 Dr Neil Pollock, New Zealand
    Malignant hyperthermia: exome sequencing for gene discovery
  • 2012 Associate Prof Brendan Silbert, Victoria
    Continuation of long term anaesthesia cognition evaluation (LOTACE Study)
  • 2013 Professor Matthew Chan, Hong Kong
    Epigenetic: regulation of chronic postsurgical pain with nitrous oxide
  • 2014 Dr Christopher Bain, Victoria
    Analysis of the impact of pre-existing differential DNA methylation on inflammatory gene expression and the inflammatory response to major abdominal surgery
  • 2015 Professor Matthew Chan, Hong Kong
    Re-designing ventilation system for the hospital isolation ward to reduce nosocomial infection
  • 2016  Professor Andrew Davidson, Victoria
      Neurodevelopmental outcome after sevoflurane versus dexmedetomidine/remifentanil anaesthesia in
      infancy: a randomised controlled trial
  • 2017  Professor Alan Merry, New Zealand
      A bundle for anaesthetists to reduce postoperative infection: the Anaesthetists Be Clean (ABC) Study
  • 2018  Dr Andrew Toner, Western Australia
      Long-term Outcomes after lidocaine infusions for postOperative Pain (LOLIPOP) pilot study


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