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The Lennard Travers Professorship was established by the Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, in 1968. It is a prestigious award which provides support for a Fellow of the College to work in an area of his/her choosing towards the advancement of knowledge in a nominated area of anaesthesia in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.  The award was adopted by the College following its establishment.

20.1    The Professorship is awarded quadrennially at the discretion of the College Council, to ANZCA Fellows in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore.

20.2    All applications must be received by the College by COB April 1st and will be processed by the ANZCA Research Committee.

20.3    Each application must be submitted on the application form, which will detail the nominated area of work and the way in which the study will be carried out, and be accompanied by a full curriculum vitae, and the names of three referees to whom reference may be made.

20.4    The applications will be processed by the ANZCA Research Committee as per the applications guidelines for the Professorship.

20.5    The emolument will be determined quadrennially by the College using the interest from the Lennard Travers Bequest. 

20.6    The tenure of the Professorship will be approximately one year, but variations may be made at the discretion of the Research Committee.

20.7    During the term of appointment, the appointee will hold the courtesy title of “Lennard Travers Professor of Anaesthesia”.

20.8    The appointee will attend the appropriate ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting as the Australasian Visitor and will deliver a lecture on the subject of the Professorship. Visits to one or more regional centres in Australia and/or New Zealand will also be required.

20.9    The appointee will be bound by the terms and conditions of the Professorship.

20.10    The Research Committee reserves the right to cancel or terminate the Professorship if in its opinion the purpose of the appointment is not pursued.


September 2014 (in toto)



  • 1972 Gordon Alfred Harrison, Sydney
  • 1975 Graham Chudleigh Fisk, Sydney
  • 1977 John David Paull, Melbourne.
  • 1982 William Ben Runciman, Adelaide
  • 1985 Thomas Christopher Kenneth Brown, Melbourne
  • 1988 Peter Brownridge, Adelaide
  • 1991 Rodney Neill Westhorpe, Melbourne
  • 1995 David Pilkington Crankshaw, Melbourne
  • 1999 Guy Lawrence Ludbrook, Adelaide
  • 2003 Paul Stewart Myles, Melbourne
  • 2007 Michael James Paech, Perth
  • 2011 Andrew Davidson, Victoria
  • 2015 Matthew Tak Vai Chan, Hong Kong


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