Changes to the training program

Over the past 12 months ANZCA has been making changes to the Training Program, following a period of evaluation. The changes include improvements to the curriculum, the handbook, regulation 37 and the training portfolio system (TPS). 


A summary of upcoming changes


  • VOP target changes for paediatric anaesthesia, regional and local anaesthesia and vascular surgery and interventional radiology (IT, BT and AT).
  • Recording VOP cases in the TPS (all trainees).
  • Provisional fellowship training (AT and PFT).
  • Provisional Fellow Training requirements in weeks.
  • The training portfolio system (TPS) has been enhanced to better support the training program.
  • Guidance videos are available in Networks to help you navigate the TPS.
  • Pro rata refund of annual fees for trainees who withdraw or are withdrawn from the training program.
  • Attendance at mandatory courses for example EMAC course, can be recorded as clinical anaesthesia time.
 Further changes will be rolled out later in 2018.

A detailed itemisation of the changes

The link below outlines the changes in more detail.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact the Training and Assessments team via email or phone (+61 3 9510 6299).
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