This page contains applications relevant to trainees in the 2013 curriculum in the following categories:


Application, registration and fees


Forms for supervisors and assessors

  • The workplace based assessment forms can be downloaded by trainees or WBA assessors if internet availability prevents TPS access. The WBA assessor is responsible for submitting the WBA online after the assessment using their TPS login so the WBA is recorded in the trainee's online portfolio.
  • Mini-CEX WBA form.
  • DOPS WBA form.
  • CbD WBA form.
  • Multi-source feedback form.
  • WBA assessor nomination form* – to be used by supervisors of training (SOTs) to nominate workplace-based assessors to complete the mini-CEX, DOPS and CbD workplace-based assessments for trainees. 
  • SSU supervisor nomination form* to be  used by SOTs to nominate specialised study unit supervisors.
* Please note: All Fellows in Australia and New Zealand do not require nomination, as they have been automatically granted access.


Individual trainee applications

Applications to the Director of Professional Affairs (DPA) Assessor are required to be made prospectively.

Applications received by the College more than four weeks after the commencement date of the activity may only be partially approved due to late application.


Scholar role

Refer to the scholar role training page for more information.

Evaluation forms

Recognition of prior learning and exemption from activities

Option B activity applications
Applications for new activities closed March 31, 2017.



Examination applications

Please see the examinations page for more information on dates and eligibility requirements.


Formal project

Trainees who transitioned into advanced training at the start of the 2013 hospital employment year may elect to complete the formal project under the previous regulations. All other trainees must complete the scholar role activities as required.
  • Applications for new formal projects closed on June 30, 2017.
  • Formal project completion form to be submitted at the end of the formal project to the regional/national office with which the project was registered.


Partial module completion

Under the revised curriculum, specialised study units (SSUs) have replaced the 2004 curriculum modules.

The relationship between modules and SSUs is set out on pages five and six of
appendix 4 in the ANZCA Handbook for Training and Accreditation. Trainees who have partially completed a module at the point of transition to the 2013 curriculum may apply to their SOTs for credits.  Forms for this process are available from the College


Please contact if you have any questions about the applications listed on this page.

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