Recording training


Access the TPS

The training portfolio system (TPS) is an online system designed for training experiences to be recorded by and for trainees. The TPS can be accessed using a College username and password.


It is recommended that you access the TPS using Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome


If you have any questions about accessing and using the TPS please contact the College via



Access TPS user guides


Access MsF user guides


Read guidance on recording cases and procedures

The guidance document explains how to record those cases and procedures that either have one or more inclusions or exclusions, or different options to select from the drop-down menus in the case recording section of the training portfolio system (TPS).


Download the TPS cases and procedures list

The spreadsheet of cases and procedures describes all main and subcategory drop-down menu items from the cases and procedures section of the TPS and confirms which items have a volume of practice requirement, displayed as a number in the column to the left of each item. Please note: this spreadsheet has been updated to reflect the volume of practice requirements from the current version of the ANZCA training program Curriculum (version 1.6a). Changes to volume of practice requirements are listed here.


Access core unit review checklists



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