Scholar role training

Scholar role requirements

The five core scholar role activities can be undertaken in introductory training (IT), basic training (BT), or advanced training (AT), however must be completed by the end of AT to progress to provisional fellowship training (PFT).

Complete any two of the five core scholar role activities by the end of BT, and complete the remaining activities by the end of AT.
Evaluation forms and accompanying guidelines for each activity are provided below.

  • 1. Critically appraise a paper published in a peer-reviewed indexed journal for internal assessment (evaluation formguidelines).

The above four activities will be completed under the supervision of department scholar role tutors (DSRTs) or their nominee.

  • 5. Complete an audit and provide a written report, which will be completed under the supervision of DSRTs only (evaluation formguidelines).

The remaining scholar role requirements are listed below and must becompleted by end of PFT:

Attend regional or greater conferences / meetings

  • Attend two regional or greater conferences / meetings

Participate in existing quality assurance programs

  • Participate in 20 existing quality assurance programs (may include audit, critical incident monitoring, morbidity and mortality meetings


Please refer to the Training portfolio system for trainee’s individualised requirements.


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Recognition of prior learning and exemption from activities

Recognition of prior learning or exemption is available for four of the core scholar role activities, but not the audit activity. All trainees must complete the audit activity, noting the improved audit requirements.

The following forms can be used to prospectively apply for an activity to be completed during training, or to apply for recognition of a completed activity. Detailed requirements for RPL and exemptions are provided in section 2.13 of the ANZCA Handbook for Training

Further information

More detail is provided in section 2.13 of the ANZCA Handbook for Training. The learning outcomes of the scholar role are located in section 1.6 of the ANZCA Training Program Curriculum.

If you have any queries relating to the scholar role training, please refer to the FAQs webpage or email the College at

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