Early indicator checklists

A series of checklists has been developed for Supervisors of Training (SOTs) needing to initiate management to assist a struggling trainee.


The checklists provide a guide to addressing an issue raised about a trainee or by the trainee themselves, as well as a directory of resources available to you.

The Introduction to early indicator checklists can be accessed here.


Five checklists addressing the most common early indicators of a trainee experiencing difficulty are available:


How will these checklists help SOTs?

Designed to help an SOT faced with an issue that has just been raised, these checklists take you through how to:

  • Confirm there is a problem
  • Raise the problem with the trainee
  • Plan the correct course of action to assist the trainee

The Introduction to early indicator checklists will provide you with a general overview, following which each checklist will guide you through the steps to addressing concerns about a trainee with respect to the likely issue. 

Sometimes the nature of the issue the trainee is struggling with is not apparent. If this is the case, use the early indicator checklist for global assessment concerns.


Please note that if the issues raised relate to professional misconduct or threaten the safety of patients or the trainee, you should contact your head of department as soon as possible.


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