COVID-19 - Important information for trainees

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic is, understandably, impacting training activities as the college prioritises the safety of patients, candidates and examiners. The information below is current as of 22 April 2020. Please check back here regularly for updated information regarding your training.

We recognise that there will most likely be changes to trainee rotations and diversion of clinicians from allocated rotations to undertake activities essential to maintaining care of patients over the coming months. There will likely be an impact on trainees in regard to meeting their volume of practice/clinical experience requirements. 
We're holding meetings to discuss potential impacts and to develop a plan to assist those affected by changes, and will keep trainees updated through the website and regular email communications. In the meantime, we recommend that all trainees read the following information:

Key impacts on training (regularly updated)

This list of potential impacts to training and ANZCA’s adopted position is being regularly updated. The position published on the ANZCA website will be the most up to date and supersedes any advice provided at a local health service by supervisors of training and others. It will be updated over time.

What has guided our decisions?

We have developed a number of overarching educational principles that have guided our decision-making in relation to education and training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whats not changing?
For details about which training requirements are not changing, please see here.


Exams updates 

ANZCA Council met on Tuesday, 19 May, to discuss the completion of the anaesthesia primary and final exams in 2020 in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The college plans to run the exams, recognising that the situation may change and be beyond our control. We are working on a comprehensive plan including contingencies. More information in a message from ANZCA President Dr Vanessa Beavis.

An update from the chair of final exam can be found here

Guidance on assessments

Information for provisional fellows
For guidance on completing PFT during the 2020 HEY, please see here

Scholar role requirements during 2020 HEY
With help from the Scholar Role Sub-Committee (SRSC), ANZCA has developed guidance to assist trainees in completing scholar role activities (SRA) in 2020. Please see here for guidance on each SRA. 

Requirements for introductory training and completing IAAC
ANZCA has agreed to temporarily relax some of the requirements for introductory training for the 2020 hospital emplyment year (HEY) where such flexibility does not impact on overall training outcomes. More information can be found here.

Guidelines for WBAs during COVID-19

ANZCA has received a number of questions about workplace based assessments (WBAs) during COVID-19 and for the 2020 hospital employment year. The college has approved infection control specialists to be able to complete relevant non-specific WBAs for trainees during the 2020 hospital employment year. For more information, please click here. 

COVID-19 related CPD activities for provisional fellows
A specific COVID-19 airway management emergency response standard/activity is now available in your CPD portfolio. Details can be found here.

For more information relating to impacts to the ANZCA and FPM CPD program, please click here.

Other important information relating to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation. We are working collaboratively with other specialist colleges and societies in Australia and New Zealand and internationally with the intent to share knowledge and respond to the needs of health professionals.

Our Communications team is providing daily updates on key developments affecting our trainees and fellows, as well as the work we're doing behind the scenes to support the health and wellbeing of medical practitioners and the patients under their care during this unprecedented crisis.

The ANZCA Library is compiling clinical resources to support your preparation for high risk and or sero-positive COVID-19 patients Please make sure that you are aware of any guidance available from your department, institution, state or national bodies and be alert to changing advice. 

Both of these are linked from the ANZCA website homepage, so we encorage you to check daily.


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