The IMGS assessment process is changing

The ANZCA and FPM processes for the assessment of overseas trained specialists have been combined and are now both governed by Regulation 23: Recognition as a specialist in anaesthesia or pain medicine; and admission to fellowship by assessment for specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs). This revised process will come into effect from April 3, 2017 and will apply to the assessment of anaesthetists and pain medicine physicians in Australia and New Zealand. 

A draft copy of the revised regulation can be found here and a document outlining the major changes to the IMGS assessment process can be found here.

The current IMGS assessment process

ANZCA’s international medical graduate specialist (IMGS) assessment process evaluates the ability of a specialist to practise as an unsupervised specialist anaesthetist at a standard comparable to that required of a Fellow of ANZCA (FANZCA). ANZCA’s International Medical Graduate Specialist Committee co-ordinates the assessment guided by ANZCA’s regulation 23.


Applications for assessment of specialist qualifications in Australia must be made directly to ANZCA and applications for medical registration must be made to the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). All applications in New Zealand must be made to the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).


For further information on the IMGS assessment process, please use the online self-assessment tool.


It is possible to work in Australia on a limited basis prior to undertaking the full IMGS assessment process by securing a job in a designated Area of Need (AoN). State health departments declare areas of need and ANZCA assesses qualifications and experience for a particular job in an Area of Need position. The process applies to Australia only and is used to address medical workforce shortages in designated areas. The Area of Need process does not lead to fellowship of ANZCA or specialist registration by the MBA.


Information on the IMGS and Area of Need pathways can also be found in regulation 23 and the frequently asked questions section.


If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by the International Medical Graduate Specialist Committee you may request that the decision be reconsidered. All reconsideration requests are processed as per regulation 30.


For further information about the IMGS assessment process in Australia please email imgs@anzca.edu.au. For further information about the IMGS assessment process in New Zealand please email assessments@anzca.org.nz.

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