Specialist registration and Fellowship

The following information relates to doctors undertaking the Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG) assessment process in Australia and SIMG who are undertaking the ANZCA fellowship pathway in New Zealand. For SIMG undertaking the pathway for Vocational Registration in New Zealand, please contact the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) for information on your requirements.

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Once you have successfully completed all requirements of your individual program you will be informed that you may apply for admission to fellowship of ANZCA/FPM. If you have completed the SIMG process in Australia, we will also support your application for specialist registration with AHPRA at this time. A copy of the AHPRA Report 2 (or equivalent letter) will be provided to you with a copy also submitted to AHPRA. You will need to contact AHPRA directly to arrange an application to change your registration to specialist registration.

The process of applying for Fellowship will usually take approximately 10 business days once all required documentation is submitted.
Frequently asked questions
Are there any fees I need to pay when applying for fellowship?
There is no fee for the application to fellowship. However, you will be required to pay the entrance subscription fee once fellowship has been granted. This fee is pro rata based on when you are admitted to fellowship.

When will I get my FANZCA diploma?
Usually within three months of your admission date.
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