Queensland hospitals



Director of Anaesthesia

Approved duration across introductory, basic
and advanced training (IT, BT, AT)


Bundaberg Base Hospital

ID: 38199

Dr Victor Birioukov, FANZCA

52 weeks

Caboolture Hospital

ID: 37219
Rotation: Central

Dr K Eastern, FANZCA

52 weeks

Cairns Hospital

ID: 37220 
Rotation: Northern

Dr James Sartain, FANZCA

104 weeks

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service

ID: 37222
Rotation: Gold Coast

Dr Kerry J Brandis, FANZCA

156 weeks

Hervey Bay/Maryborough Base Hospitals

ID: 37305
Rotation: Central

Dr Peter R Harvey, FANZCA


52 weeks

Ipswich Hospital

ID: 37224
Rotations: Central, Southern

Dr Bipphy Kath, FANZCA

52 weeks

LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine

ID: 37335



Prospective approval from DPA assessor required 

Logan Hospital

ID: 37225
Southern, Gold Coast

Dr Anthony Lentz, FANZCA

52 weeks

Mackay Base Hospital 

ID: 37310
Rotation: Northern

Dr Daniel Bartlett, FANZCA

52 weeks

Mater Health Services

ID: 49130
Rotation: Southern

Dr David McCormack, FANZCA

104 weeks

Mater Private Hospital (Townsville)
(Satellite of The Townsville Hospital)

ID: 37908
Rotation: Northern

Dr Brett Segal, FANZCA

156 weeks

Princess Alexandra Hospital

ID: 37230 
Rotation: Southern, Central

Dr Martin Wakefield, FANZCA

156 weeks

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital

ID: 37306
Rotation: Southern

Dr Gabriel Mar Fan, FANZCA
Dr C M Wills, FANZCA


52 weeks

Queensland Children's Hospital 

ID: 48076
Rotations: Southern, Central Gold Coast

Dr Fiona McFarlane, FANZCA

52 weeks

Redcliffe Hospital

ID: 37234
Rotation: Central

Dr David Whybrew, FANZCA

52 weeks

Redland Hospital

ID: 37268
Rotation: Southern

Dr Anthony Fajumi, FANZCA

26 weeks

Rockhampton Hospital

ID: 37235
Rotation: Gold Coast

Dr M Tohill, FANZCA


52 weeks

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital

ID: 37232
Rotation: Central

Associate Professor Kerstin Wyssusek, FANZCA

156 weeks

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

ID: 50298
Rotation: Central

Dr Tanya Kelly, FANZCA

104 weeks

The Prince Charles Hospital

ID: 37231
Rotations: Central, Southern

Dr John F Murray, FANZCA


52 weeks

Townsville University Hospital

ID: 37238
Rotation: Northern

Mater Private Hospital (Townsville) (ID: 37908)

Dr Michael Corkeron, FANZCA

156 weeks

Toowoomba Hospital

ID: 37237
Rotation: Southern

Dr James Beit, FANZCA

52 weeks

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