Training more specialist doctors in Tasmania

The Training More Specialist Doctors in Tasmania (TMSDT or the Tasmanian Project) project is the second element of the Tasmanian Health Assistance Package, which is designed to ease immediate pressures across the Tasmanian health system and to fund clinical innovation and system improvement. The TMSDT project aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Engagement of new specialist clinical supervisors to facilitate an expansion of clinical training capacity at the undergraduate, prevocational and postgraduate levels.

  • Dedicated STP training posts in Tasmania to provide vocational training opportunities for local medical graduates and to attract graduates from interstate.

  • Employment of training coordination staff to assist with administrative arrangements in the delivery of training and ensure the effective integration between trainees, educators and health services.

  • The creation of professional development initiatives targeted towards enhancing the recruitment and retention of medical specialists.

  • The development of ‘generalist’ specialist training pathways, addressing the need to shift the focus of specialist workforce development away from perceived over sub-specialisation, particularly to meet the needs of rural communities.


Further Information

Additional information on the TMSDT can be found on the Department of Health website, or contact the STP team on +61 3 9510 6299 or

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