New Zealand

Education officer:

Dr Jennifer Taylor
Dr Clare Fisher (deputy)

Formal project officers:

Dr Jennifer Woods
Dr Hamish Gray (deputy)

Rotational supervisors:

Dr Sarah Nicolson - Northern

Dr Alastair Ineson - Northern
Dr Robert Carpenter - Midland
Dr Nicola Moore - Central
Dr David L Bain - Southern


Training site Supervisor of training

Auckland City Hospital ID: 37153

Rotation: Northern

Anaesthesia and OT - Level 8
Dr Kerry Benson-Cooper
Dr Amber Chisholm 
Dr Rosemary Duckett
Dr Thomas Fernandez 
Dr Colin King
Dr Sarah Nicholson 
Dr Nola Ng
Dr Liam O’Hara
Dr Andrew Pitcher 

Women's - Level 9
Dr Setareh Ghahreman 

Cardiothoracic - Level 4
Dr Sara Allen

Starship Children's
Dr Graham Knottenbelt 

Christchurch Hospital ID: 37154

Satellites: Burwood Hospital ID: 41016
Southern Cross and Southern Endoscopy ID: 45340
St George Hospital ID: 45339
Rotation: Southern
Dr Frances Cammack
Dr James Dalby-Ball

Counties Manukau Health ID: 37160

Satellite: Manukau SuperClinic ID: 39908
Rotation: Northern
Dr Johanna Karpik 
Dr Rachelle Lumsden
Dr Elitza Sardareva
Dr Catherine Simpson
Dr Joanna Sinclair
Dr Jennifer Taylor
Dr Sarah Kennedy

Dunedin Hospital ID: 37155

Rotation: Southern
Dr Sheila Barnett
Dr Michael Hamilton ​

Hawke's Bay Regional Hospital ID: 37158

Rotation: Central
Dr Joseph McKerras 
Dr Allanah Scott

Hutt Hospital ID: 37159

Rotation: Central

Dr Philip Eames
Dr David Prior 

Nelson Hospital ID: 37331

Rotation: Central
Dr James Tuckett

North Shore Hospital ID: 37161

Satellite: Waitakere Hospital ID: 39909
Rotation: Northern
Dr Marlin De Silva
Dr Clare Fisher
Dr Ywain Lawrey
Dr Navdeep Sidhu 

Palmerston North Hospital ID: 37162

Rotation: Central
Dr Vikramijit Singh

Rotorua Hospital ID: 37163

Rotation: Midland
Dr Shane McQuoid

Southland Hospital ID: 37164

Rotation: Southern
Dr Richard More
Dr Roger Wandless

Starship Children's Hospital ID: 37153

Rotation: Northern
Dr Graham Knottenbelt 

Taranaki Base Hospital ID: 37166

Rotation: Northern
Dr Charlie Brown
Dr Joseph Taylor 

Tauranga Hospital ID: 37167

Rotation: Midland
Dr Angela Stephen
Dr Sophie Van Oudenaaren

Timaru Hospital ID: 37168

Rotation: Southern
Dr Thomas Gough

Waikato Hospital ID: 37169

Rotation: Midland
Dr Antony Aho
Dr Alan Crowther
Dr Tania Bailey
Dr Nina Civil
Dr Timothy Starkie

Wellington Hospital ID: 37170

Rotation: Central
Dr Kirsten Cunningham
Dr Rachel Dempsey
Professor Sandy (Alexander) Garden
Dr Matt Levine
Dr Nicola Moore

Whangarei Hospital ID: 37171

Rotation: Northern

Dr Andy Childs


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