Educational officer:

 Dr Shirley Cheung
 Dr Suzanne Bertrand (deputy)
 Dr Louise Munro (deputy)
Formal project officer:
 Associate Professor H Kerstin Wyssusek
Rotational supervisors:

 Dr Andrew Potter (Northern)
 Dr Catharina Koorts (Central)
 Dr Kate McCrossin (Central)
 Dr Masha Jukes (Southern)
 Dr Francesca Rawlins (Deputy, Southern)  
 Dr Dale Kerr (Gold Coast)


Training site Supervisor of training

Bundaberg Hospital ID: 38199

Rotation: Central
Dr Jo-Anne Mileham
Dr Vanessa Greig

Caboolture Hospital ID: 37219

Rotation: Central
Dr Simone Malan-Johnson

Cairns Base Hospital ID: 37220

Rotation: Northern
Dr Andrew Potter
Dr Vesselin Petkov
Dr William Meade

Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service ID: 37222

Rotation: Southern




Dr Tim Hodgson
Dr Linda Smith
Dr Lynda Allchurch
Dr Kevin Soutar
Dr Izak Perold

Hervey Bay Maryborough Base Hospitals ID: 37305

Rotation: Central
Dr Ling Chan
Dr Peter Elepfandt

Ipswich Hospital ID: 37224

Rotation: Central
Dr James McLean
Dr Barbara Fulton
Dr Bipphy Kath

Lady Cilento ID: 48076

Rotations: Central, Gold Coast, Southern
Dr Michael Ranger
Dr Vanessa Rich
Dr Patrick Nelmes

LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine ID: 37335

Dr Alan Mackillop

Logan Hospital ID: 37225

Rotation: Southern

Dr Louise Munro
Dr Tuang Loy

Mackay Base Hospital ID: 37310

Rotation: Northern
Dr Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran 
Dr Alexander Cottle

Mater Health Services ID: 49130

Satellite: Mater Private Hospital Brisbane ID: 41613
Rotation: Southern
Dr David McCormack
Dr Suzanne Bertrand
Dr Jesse Gilson
Dr Aled Hapgood

Prince Charles Hospital ID: 37231

Rotations: Central, Southern
Dr Daniel Faulke
Dr Julia Slykerman
Dr Peter Larsen 

Princess Alexandra Hospital ID: 37230

Rotation: Southern

Dr Francesca Rawlins 
Dr Owen Bourne
Dr Justin Smith
Dr Benjamin Howes
Dr David Sturgess 

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital ID: 37306

Rotation: Southern
Dr Jonathan Kapul
Dr Daniel Robertson 

Redcliffe Hospital ID: 37234

Rotation: Central
Dr Kenneth Lee
Dr Ashwini Tambe

Redland Hospital ID: 37268

Rotation: Southern
Dr Fousia Manthodikulangara

Rockhampton Hospital ID: 37235

Rotations: Central, Southern
Dr Darrin McKay

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospitals ID: 37232

(includes Royal Women's Hospital)
Satellite: Greenslopes Private Hospital
Rotation: Central
Dr Katherine Hames
Dr Rudolf van der Westhuizen
Dr Linda Beckmann
Dr Michael Bishop
Dr Christopher Turnbull

Sunshine Coast University Hospital ID: 50298

Rotation: Central
Dr Paul Wigan
Dr Richard Scolaro

Toowoomba Base Hospital  ID: 37237

Rotation: Southern
Dr Lachlan Rathie

Townsville Hospital ID: 37238

Satellite: Mater Private Hospital ID: 41613
Rotation: Northern
Dr Bruce Todd
Dr Jillian Streitberg
Dr Grant Turner


Please inform ANZCA of any changes to the above contacts in writing to the Training Assessment unit at training@anzca.edu.au.
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