WBA Relaunch 2019

In response to feedback received through numerous evaluation channels, the WBAs are being relaunched in 2019 to re-emphasise and re-educate the ANZCA community on further optimising the use of WBAs as feedback and learning tools.


Workplace-based assessments (WBAs) have been an integral part of our ANZCA training program since 2013. The intent of the WBAs is to provide valuable and structured learning opportunities through focused observations by specialists and a subsequent feedback conversation. 

However, it has become clear that we are currently not optimising the potential that WBAs offer to enhance trainees’ learning. A recent analysis of WBAs in the Trainee Portfolio System (TPS) showed that nine out of ten completed assessments provided minimal feedback comments to help guide the trainees’ development. It also highlighted that most trainees did not document any reflections on the WBA encounter or formulate action plans for future encounters. So what do we do to improve? 

The college has invested in developing new WBA forms and new support resources together with a new initiative to provide targeted WBA education and support to individual departments from 2019. The overarching goal is to increase the focus and quality of the feedback conversations, capture this feedback and ultimately improve the learning experiences for our trainees and future colleagues.

WBAs college perspective

ANZCA President, Dr Rod Mitchell supports this initiative via a strong, encouraging personal message presenting the ANZCA philosophy regarding WBAs.


WBA leads 

The college has appointed 29 WBA leads throughout Australia and New Zealand who have been selected for their enthusiasm, commitment to WBAs together with their educational expertise. Within their allocated region, each WBA lead will promote and advocate for WBAs as learning tools as well as provide WBA education and support to individual departments.  
Please view the WBA lead TOR for role requirements.

Find your regional WBA leads here.


Local WBA workshop and advocates

In 2019,162 ANZCA training sites are expected to participate in a 45 minute workshop delivered by their regional WBA lead with the purpose of recalibrating and reinvigorating the WBA message at the local level. The workshops are designed so that consultants and trainees can learn more about the WBA philosophy and processes while ensuring that the key messages are the same. It is hoped each hospital will also have a recognised departmental WBA advocate to continue the work started at the workshop. 

Please view the WBA advocate TOR for advocate role requirements.

ANZCA resources 

The rollout of the WBA Leads, and the workshops will be accompanied by updating of online WBA Support Resources on Networks. To further develop your Educator Skills you are strongly recommended to complete the Fundamentals of Feedback eLearning modules and the ANZCA Educators Program that will up-skill and support you to have effective feedback conversations in your WBA encounters.



For any enquiries regarding WBA workshops and resources, please contact us via email 
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