Exam preparation webinars

Recording now available for the 2019 primary and final exam preparation webinars.


Live exam preparation webinars are held prior to the primary examination and final examination sittings. Presenters (current or former examiners) will address some of the preconceptions associated with the college's examinations – and provide practical advice on how to approach:


  • Multiple choice questions.

  • Short answer questions.

  • ​Medical vivas.

The sessions are interactive and participants will have the opportunity to pose questions to the presenters.

You can now view the recordings via the link below. You will be prompted to log into Networks. 


Recording now available

Recording now available

Presenter - Dr Julia Coldrey

Presenter - Dr Jason Hollard


Held: Tuesday July 30
7:30pm AEST

Held: Wednesday August 7
7:30pm AEST



Primary exam preparation resources 

Primary exams library guide
(where you can find recommended textbooks)
Primary daily LO
Study Tips from examiners
ANZCA Primary exam support resources
UNSW reading for understanding
Primer for the Primary FANZCA Examination
AMC testing centre video

Final exam preparation resources 

Final exams library guide
(Where you can find resources)


What you need to join the webinars

During the live webinar, attendees can engage with presenters and will have the opportunity to ask questions relating to the exams via a chat box.

The webinars will be hosted via Adobe Connect. You will require a computer with speakers/headphones and internet access to join. 

Please ensure that you have run the Adobe Connect diagnositc test prior to the webinar to ensure that your computer and network connections are properly configured. 
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