Committees of the ANZCA Council

The ANZCA Council is assisted in achieving its objectives by several committees. Following the annual general meeting each year, the council confirms the appiontment of office bearers, committee chairs and membership roles.


ANZCA Executive Committee

The ANZCA Executive Committee reviews and consolidates documentation and financial matters; makes recommendations to the ANZCA Council, and acts on behalf of the council where appropriate.

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ANZCA ICT Governance Committee

The ANZCA Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Governance Committee will consider all matters relating to planning and governance of information management (IM), information and communications technology (ICT) and project management of major strategic initiatives.

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ANZCA Research Foundation Committee

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists established the ANZCA Research Foundation in 2007 to support medical research and education. The foundation's mission is: "To support medical research and education that saves lives, helps people to optimise their health, and works to make...

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Education Executive Management Committee

The Education Executive Management Committee (EEMC) oversees, guides and reports on ANZCA education activities and the operations of the Education Development and Evaluation Committee (EDEC), the Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) and Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG) Committee.

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Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee assists the council in discharging its duties with regard to the financial affairs of the College. It does so by enhancing the control framework of the College, overseeing the management of its risks and assisting the council in complying with its...

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International Liaison Committee

The International Liaison Committee (ILC) reports to the ANZCA Council on our international relationships and partnerships.

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Perioperative Medicine Steering Committee

The Perioperative Medicine Steering Committee (POMSC) reports to the ANZCA Council on the development and implementation of an effective integrated perioperative care model and education offerings for Australia and New Zealand.

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Professional Affairs Executive Committee

The Professional Affairs Executive Committee (PAEC) reports to ANZCA Council on issues relevant or important to fellows of the college including fellowship engagement, policy, advocacy and community development.

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Research Committee

The ANZCA Research Committee assesses research applications for projects related to anaesthesia, resuscitation, perioperative medicine, intensive care or pain medicine carried out in Australia or New Zealand.

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Safety and Quality Committee

The Safety and Quality Committee works with fellows and ANZCA Council to support safe clinical practice in anaesthesia and pain medicine.

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Training Accreditation Committee (ANZCA)

The Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) implements council policy in relation to the accreditation of approved training sites (usually Approved Hospital Departments but also other sites such as retrieval services) and rotational training programs in anaesthesia, noting that rotations are...

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