Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network Sub-Committee

The Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network (ARCN) Sub-Committee reports to the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Executive on ARCN activities that aim to deliver high quality trial evidence that translates into safe and effective practice in anaesthesia, peri-operative and pain medicine, particularly through co-ordination of multi-centre trials.

Committee members

Title Name Region
Chair Ms Allison Kearney Qld
Deputy Chair Ms Dhiraj Bhatia Dwivedi Vic
Immediate past chair of the ARCN Subcommittee Ms Lauren Bulfin Vic
Chair, ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive (or nominee) Professor Andrew Davidson Vic
Member Ms Samantha Bates Vic
Member (paediatric) Dr Minal Menezes NSW
Member (New Zealand - north island) Mr Jonathan Termaat NZ
Member (New Zealand - south island) Ms Margie McKellow NZ
Member Ms Robyn Seale Tas
Member Ms Louise de Prinse SA/NT
Member Dr Aine Sommerfield WA
Member Ms Louise Cope NSW/ACT
Member, Clinical Trials Network Manager (or nominee) Ms Gillian Ormond Vic
ANZCA President (ex officio) Dr Vanessa Beavis NZ

Committee meeting calendar

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