ANZCA Anaesthetic Allergy Subcommittee

The Anaesthetic Allergy Sub-Committee reports to the Safety and Quality Committee. Its duties are to work with ANZAAG and the Safety and Quality Committee to produce and promulgate guidelines regarding the prevention and management of anaesthetic related allergy for Australasia; to develop resources which will be utilised by anaesthetists, immunologists, allergists and members of the public.

Committee members

Title Name Region
Chair Dr Richard Scolaro QLD
Chair, ANZCA Safety and Quality Committee  Dr Nigel Robertson NZ
Member Dr Jamma Li NSW
Member Dr Christian Van Nieuwenhuysen QLD
Member Dr Frances Cammack NZ
Tasmanian Audit of Anaesthesia Mortality of the Tasmanian Audit of Surgical Mortality Dr Han Truong NZ
Chair, New Zealand Perioperative Mortality Review Committee Dr Anthony Williams NZ
ANZCA President (ex officio) Dr Vanessa Beavis NZ

Committee meeting calendar

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