Dr Richard Sullivan

Dr Richard Sullivan


Fellow 2012 (Victoria) FANZCA 2008, FFPMANZCA 2012 MBChB 1998

Nominated by Dr Malcolm Hogg (Vic) and Associate Professor Brendan Moore (Qld).

Relevant past and current professional appointments in pain medicine

  • Director of Pain Services, Precision Brain Spine & Pain 2015 – current
  • Medical Director Ascent Pain Management 2015 – current 
  • Pain Physician & Clinical Lead Acute Pain at Peter Mac Hospital 2013 - 2015

Current and/or previous service on faculty committees and roles

  • Member of Steering Group for Procedural Pain 2020 – current
  • Chair Post Fellowship Group for Procedural Pain 2020 – current 
  • Member of the Curriculum Redevelopment Group 2013-2015

Membership of panel of examiners

  • Member of the panel of examiners since 2018

Past and/or current offices in other medical professional organisations

  • International Neuromodulation Society – Regional Director 2019 – 2021
  • Neuromodulation Society Australia & New Zealand – President 2014 – 2019

Personal attributes and experience that would add to the skill mix and diversity of the board

I am faculty trained and I am a New Zealander by medical training. I practice in a large integrated private medical practice.

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