ANZCA Educator Competency Framework

The ANZCA Educator Competency Framework describes the competencies required of educators for specialty training, from the basic competencies expected of all clinical specialists to the more advanced competencies required of oversight education committee members.

It is designed to be used by any institution involved in medical specialty training to map the competencies required of different educator roles.

Many specialists take on additional roles such as clinical teachers, curriculum developers, assessors of learning (both in the workplace and in high-stakes exams), course or workshop instructors, educational leaders, scholars, and researchers. The wide and varied roles require a range of competencies along a continuum of expertise, which are mapped within this framework.

Competency domains:

  1. Teaching and facilitating learning.
  2. Assessment of learning.
  3. Designing and planning learning.
  4. Educational leadership and management.
  5. Educational research and scholarship.
  6. Educational environment, quality, and safety.
Last updated 10:07 29.08.2022