COVID-19 - FAQs on anaesthesia exams

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the anaesthesia examination process.

Dates and locations for the primary and final exam are listed on the anaesthesia exams page

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions in relation to our exams recognising that further changes may be required should the COVID-19 pandemic create circumstances beyond our control.

General questions

Does ANZCA plan to conduct vivas exams locally for 2021?

With travel still restricted between Australia and New Zealand, ANZCA will be running the viva exams in both Australia and New Zealand.
For the primary exam, most Australian candidates will be examined in the capital city of their home state and Tasmanian and NT candidates will be examined in a state to which they can freely travel. New Zealand candidates will be examined in New Zealand.
The 2021.2 final anaesthesia vivas will be held in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide Perth, Sydney and New Zealand.

Will ANZCA consider using a technology-assisted solution for the viva exams?

For 2021.2 sittings, examinations will be in a hybrid format using a combination of face-to-face examination stations and videoconference stations in those states where face to face is not possible.

What will happen if travel is restricted?

In the event that localised travel restrictions occur at short notice, all affected candidates will be contacted

What happens if you are unable to attend the exam due to travel or health issues?

Candidates may withdraw from sitting 2021.2 exams without penalty if they are unable to travel or due to health reasons.  If unwell and circumstances permit a candidate may be rescheduled to a later session / day of an exam upon receipt of negative test results and in line with regulations and guidelines of the state the exam is being conducted in.

Up to what date can a candidate withdraw from the 2021.2 sitting of the exam?

Candidates may withdraw from the 2021.2 exams with NO penalty. Please contact the primary or final exam team if you wish withdraw

When can I progress to advanced training if I have met all other basic training requirements and awaiting sitting 2021.2 primary exam viva?

Progression to advanced training from basic training will be confirmed in TPS once you have passed the exam. If your viva exam has been postponed, the pass date of the exam will be recorded as the date the exam was originally scheduled to have been completed (October). Your supervisor of training should then be able to complete the core unit review when you have met all other training requirements for that core unit. For some trainees this may be the date that the exam is recorded as completed, for others it may be when they complete time or VOP requirements. Once this is done, TPS will reflect all the training time from the core unit completion date as advanced training and any assessments done since the core unit date will be recorded in the advanced training core unit.

If I am successful at the 2021 final exam sittings, can I backdate my progression?

The backdating of dates for the 2020 sittings of the primary and final exam as approved by ANZCA council, was only applicable for 2020 exams. Candidates that successfully pass the 2021.1 final exam will not be able to backdate their pass date of their exam to the original 2020.2 exam dates in November 2020.

For 2021.2 sittings, backdating of progression is only applicable if the viva examination date has been postponed.

*last updated: 8 September 2021

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