Rural Generalist Anaesthesia trainee toolkit

Training forms

Below is a list of application forms relevant to trainees and the training program.

Entrustable Professional Activities

Select Document Download Type
EPA 1 Assess patients for surgery PDF
EPA 2 Provide obstetric analgesia PDF
EPA 3 Provide GA to ASA 1 and 2 patients PDF
EPA 4 Perioperative pain relief PDF
EPA 5 Anaesthetise adult patients in rural context PDF
EPA 6 Anaesthetise children 5 years and over PDF
EPA 7 Obstetric anaesthesia PDF
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Workplace-based assessments forms

Select Document Download Type
WBA - Case based discussion form PDF
WBA - Direct Observation of Procedural Skills form PDF
WBA - Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise form PDF
WBA Patient Consultation Observation form PDF
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Individual trainee application forms

Select Document Download Type
RGA Trainee Re-entry to practice PDF
RGA Part time training application PDF
RGA Interrupted training application form PDF
RGA Exception to the regulation application PDF
RGA Training agreement PDF
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Information on fees

For active trainees of RACGP or ACRRM, all training fees, except the examination fees, will be paid to ANZCA by the primary college. FRACGP or FACRRM should refer to table below. 

2023 Fees

Fee GST Total
Application fee $450 $45 $495
Training fee $1,925 $0 (no GST) $1,925
Extended training fee Calculated at the percentage of additional training time in number of weeks per year in relation to the training
Grandparenting $300 $30 $330
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) $1,000 $100 $1,100
Diploma / completion fee $400 $40 $440

Exam fees

MCQ exam $1,430
DipRGA Standardised Structured Scenario-based assessment (DRGASSS)  $4,345

Rural generalist anaesthesia (RGA) library guide

This guide contains resources tailored to support trainees participating in the RGA course. Includes clinical fundamentals, specialised study units, assessment, rural & remote practice, and other resources including apps, podcasts and videos.

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