DipPOM supervisor information

Experienced perioperative medicine practitioners will plan and supervise the participant learning experience in the clinical setting.

These supervisors who hold the DipPOM have undertaken additional perioperative medicine supervisor training. They will also provide assessment opportunities and assist in facilitating workshops. 

Supervisors will spend up to an hour per week for each participant completing a topic in their clinical setting, and may have two to three participants allocated to them. 

Participants will also attend a workshop over one or two days and supervisors will play an important facilitating role to tie together the participant's learning experience. 

DipPOM supervisor training

We will run an introductory webinar for supervisors which will explain our expectations and provide information on navigating the online platform. 

Supervisors will then complete an online learning package through the platform consisting of seven short modules. These cover the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective supervisor. 

Supervisor training program format


  • Two-hour duration. 
  • Introduction to DipPOM structure purpose and content. 
  • Navigating the learning management system and online access to assessments. 

Online supervisor learning package: 

  • Seven online supervisor induction modules. 
  • Each module involves approximately 15 minutes of reading and a short multi-choice questionnaire to complete the module. 

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