Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre & Austin Health sympsosium

We take great pleasure in inviting you to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Austin Health Perioperative Medicine symposium from 26-29 August 2022. The aim is for an easily accessible meeting and provides a great opportunity for interaction with perioperative clinicians, including anaesthetists, surgeons, nurses, and allied health practitioners from around Australia and New Zealand.

The meeting will cover current best practice across a broad range of topics in perioperative medicine on the Saturday and a range of workshops on the Friday, Sunday, and Monday of the program.

The scientific program on Saturday 27 August at the RACV Club in Melbourne is broad ranging and will cover aspects spanning the entire perioperative journey, from preoperative (for example prehabilitation and cardiac optimisation), intraoperative (myocardial and microcirculation protection) and postoperatively (pain management and cancer care), with emphasis on the value proposition of perioperative medicine and accessibility to care.

​In addition to the symposium, we’ll be holding several workshops on Friday and Sunday at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Austin Health in Melbourne. These are hospital-based workshops covering key skills and scenarios in medicine. Workshops range from cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary exercise testing and prehabilitation, advanced haemodynamic and brain monitoring, medical simulation, anaphylaxis, and difficult airway. Please refer to the program for the full list of workshops.

Registration and are now open. Please visit the meeting website or contact the events team for more information.

For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please contact events.

  • Date

    26 August - 29 August

  • Time


  • Location

    Melbourne, Vic

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