2022 CTN Strategic Research Workshop – Part 2

The 2022 CTN Strategic Research Workshop – part 2 will be held in Brisbane on 4-7 August 2022. This event brings together experienced and early career researchers, medical professionals and research co-ordinators from Australia, New Zealand and around the world. 

​Registration is open to all ANZCA and FPM members, and members of the Clinical Trials Network and Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network. ANZCA and FPM fellows and trainees can register online using their college ID. All other members including research coordinators and allied health members can now also register online. Once you have registered you will be provided with a college ID number and prompted for a password. You will also be able to use your ID number and password to register for future meetings.

If you plan to attend the social functions please register online prior to Thursday 14 July otherwise we may be unable to accommodate you due to venue requirements. 

We look forward to seeing you in-person or online in August.

Professor Andrew Davidson and Dr David Highton


  • Strengthening the collaborative approach to multicentre research in anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine.
  • Encouraging, promoting and mentoring researchers to engage in clinical research to improve patient outcomes.
  • Showcasing the recent achievements and research activity of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network.

Location and venue

The CTN Strategic Research Workshop - Part 2 will be held at the Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Corner Ann and Roma Street, Brisbane City, Qld 4000.

COVID-19 information

We take our responsibility to ensure the safety of our members, contributors, visitors, and staff at all our meetings, including the CTN Strategic Research Workshop, meeting seriously. We will continue to monitor and engage with Queensland Health to deliver a COVID-safe event for everyone. Please visit the Queensland Government Covid guidelines for the latest updates. We recommend that all delegates, staff, contractors, participants, and visitors involved in the meeting are vaccinated.

In the interests of delegate, speaker and staff health and safety, masks will be available onsite and we strongly encourage you to wear them when in close proximity with others and during session. 

The CTN Strategic Research Workshop will not be liable for any loss or damages to delegates that are caused by factors beyond our control, including but not limited to any imposed or potentially imposed COVID-19 related restrictions and regulations. We recommend all delegates carefully check the details of any insurance coverage you may hold, as well as the specific terms and conditions of your travel and accommodation bookings.

If you are traveling from overseas, please visit the Australian government website. We encourage you to visit this site regularly to keep up to date on restrictions and requirements.

Code of conduct

ANZCA is committed to a respectful and safe environment for all interactions inclusive of its conferences and meetings.
Our CTN Strategic Research Workshop is governed by all relevant ANZCA policies in relation to professional behaviour and conduct, including in relation to bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.
Our CTN Strategic Research Workshop is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. Sexual language and imagery or the use of personal photos without permission is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media.
Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organisers.
Respectful behaviour is expected at all times from all participants. Appropriate behaviour respects difference and diversity, respects privacy, and handles disagreement politely. Honesty and fair dealing is expected.
Obtaining consent to quote others, use presentations or take photographs is appropriate and shows the respect expected of participants of the CTN Strategic Research Workshop.
If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible to an ANZCA events person or the meeting convenor.
Alternatively, you can make a report via email here. All personal details will remain confidential, issues raised will be investigated and necessary action taken to prevent a recurrence.


As part of the college’s commitment to environmental sustainability we have eliminated printed collateral and single use plastic. We no longer provide satchels, print programs or function tickets for our meetings.
The college now provides access to the CTN Strategic Workshop program virtually and promotes use of the onsite mobile app. The college utilises digital signage and where possible single use signage has been eliminated. If printed signage is required we ensure it is printed on material that is or can be recycled. 
Since 2016, items we have eliminated from events include satchels, bottled water, and paper based tickets. Your support of these environmental changes has helped drive the success and strengthened the positive impact on our meeting footprint. We know working together, we will continue to do better.
Where possible we have eliminated plastic name badges and when these are required we source materials that have been treated with EcoPure®, an organic additive designed to enhance the speed of plastic decomposition in landfills. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own water bottles which can be re-filled at the water stations.
The college upholds a commitment to host events at venues that have a publicly available sustainability statement. We’ve worked with venues who have their organic waste converted to fertiliser and green electricity and have unused food given to people in need and diverting food waste from landfill.
We continue to strive towards fostering a more sustainable future for our members and the community.

Registration options

Registration is open to all ANZCA and FPM members, and members of the Clinical Trials Network and Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network. ANZCA and FPM fellows and trainees can register online using their College ID.

Non members including research coordinators and allied health members can now also register online. Once you have registered you will be provided with a college ID number and prompted for a password. You will also be able to use your ID number and password to register for future meetings. A hardcopy registration form is also available on the right side of this page.

In-person registration
Registration includes meeting registration; welcome reception; all lunches, morning and afternoon teas; and conference dinner. Registration for the workshops and additional tickets for the conference dinner can be purchased for an additional cost. All registration fees are quoted in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST. 

  • Full registration: $A1089.
  • Allied health professionals/trainee/research co-ordinator registration: $605.

Virtual registration
Registration includes the CTN core sessions (trial updates, keynotes, panel discussions, new research proposals and CTN business meeting) will take place on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 August. You will need to register individually regardless if you are watching in a group environment. Online delegates will be able to watch the sessions in real time and actively contribute to the discussion through the online event platform.

  • Full registration: $704.
  • Allied health professionals/trainee/research co-ordinator registration: $374.

All delegates will also have access to the plenary session recordings for 12 months post the event. Please note recordings will be made available one week post the meeting.

Program outline

Below is an overview of the current program. Please note this is correct at time of publication and will be updated regularly.

Thursday 4 August

Time Event
12-3pm Anaesthesia Research Coordinators Network (ARCN) Sub-committee working lunch (closed meeting)
5.45-7.30pm Anaesthesia research coordinators networking dinner
Santa Monica
7-8.30pm Informal networking drinks
Santa Monica

Friday 5 August

Time Topic Speaker
9-10.15am Plenary session 1: Keynote presentations
Keynote 1: Clarifying clinical trial aims and anlysis using the Estimand Framework 
Keynote 2: What journal statistical are looking for 

Dr David Highton (Qld)
Dr Anurika De Silva (Vic)

Professor Tim Houle (USA)
10.15-10.45am Break
10.45-11.50am Plenary session 2: Trial updates and lessons learned part one


Professor Phil Peyton (Vic)
Professor Kate Leslie (Vic)
Dr Julia Dubowitz (Vic)
Professor Michael Reade (Qld)
Associate Professor Stefan Dieleman (NSW)
Ms Davina McAllister (NZ)
11.50am-12.20pm Plenary session 3: National One Stop Shop and the National Mutual Acceptance initiative
National One Stop Shop 

Ms Melissa Hagan (Qld)
12.20-1.20pm Break
1.20-2.45pm Plenary session 4: New Proposals part one
2.45-3.15pm Break
3.15-3.45pm Plenary session 5: Lessons learned: TRIGS trial investigators
Presentation and Q&A 

Ms Sophie Wallace (Vic) and Professor Paul Myles (Vic)
3.45-4pm Break
4-5pm Plenary session 6: CALIPSO information session and start-up meeting
Presentation and Q&A 

Associate Professor Trisha Peel (Vic), Ms Sarah Astbury (Vic) and Ms Paige Druce (Vic)
5pm Day 1 concludes
6.30-9pm Welcome reception
Crystalbrook Vincent

Saturday 6 August

Time Topic Speaker/s
7.30-8.45am CTN Executive breakfast meeting (closed meeting)
8.30-9am Arrival tea and coffee
9-10.15am Plenary session 7: Open Science panel discussion
10.15-10.45am Break
10.45am-12.20pm Plenary session 8: Lessons learned part two

POISE-3 blood pressure results

Professor Andrew Davidson (Vic)
Professor Paul Myles (Vic)
Dr Susan Humphreys (Qld)
Associate Professor Lachlan Miles (Vic)
Professor David Scott (Vic) and Ms Bhavita Patel (Vic)
Professor Tomas Corcoran (WA)
Professor Kate Leslie (Vic)
Professor Kate Leslie (Vic)
12.20-1.20pm Break
1.20-2.45pm Plenary session 9: New proposals part two
2.45-3.15pm Break
3.15-3.45pm Pleanry session 10: Research methodology
Keynote: Modeling trajectories from time-series outcomes in clinical trials 
Professor Tim Houle (USA)
3.45-3.55pm Break
3.55-5pm Plenary session 11: CTN and ARCN business meetings and meeting close
CTN update

ARCN update
Meeting close

Ms Karen Goulding (Vic), Professor Andrew Davidson (Vic) and Dr David Highton (Qld)
Ms Dhiraj Bhatia Dwivedi (Vic)
Professor Andrew Davidson (Vic)
5pm Day 2 concludes
5.30-6.30pm Bus transfers to conference dinner
Pullman to Riverlife
6.30-10pm Conference dinner

Sunday 7 August

Time Topic Speaker/s
7.45-8.45am Emerging Investigators breakfast
Brew Cafe & Wine Bar
8.30-9am Arrival tea and coffee
9-10.15am Emerging investigators workshop - part 1 (multicenter studies)
10.15-10.45am Break
10.45am-12pm Emerging investigators workshop - part 2 (Clinical trials development in depth)
Two research proposals in depth
CTN Executive members to sit at the round tables
12-12.30pm Lunch

Invited speakers

Invited speakers

  • Dr Anurika De Silva

    Biostatistics Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
  • Ms Melissa Hagan

    Co-Chair Australian Clinical Trials Collaborative Forum Director of the Queensland Clinical Trials Coordination Unit (QCTCU) in Queensland Health
  • Professor Tim Houle

    Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School

Call for abstracts - CLOSED

Call for abstracts
The call for abstracts for the CTN Workshop - Part 2 has now closed. Thank you to all authors who submitted an abstract. Authors will be notified mid-July if their abstract has been accepted.

The main program will be held on 5 and 6 August. The full guidelines and application form can be downloaded here. If you have any questions please contact Karen Goulding at ctn@anzca.edu.au
Important dates and deadlines
Please note: Investigators intending to submit a proposal for the Part 2 workshop will need to be registered to attend the workshop in-person prior to submitting their proposal. There will be no virtual presentations of free abstract proposals. A limited number of time slots have been reserved for free abstract presentations for each session. No abstracts will be accepted after the deadline date and all investigators will need to register for the meeting prior to abstract acceptance.

Abstract deadline

  • Thursday June 30 2022

Please contact the CTN office if you don't receive a notification that we have received your absract within three business days of your submission.

Abstract author notification

  • Mid-July

Abstract selection
The purpose of the CTN workshop is to help in the design of high quality trials that translate into safe and effective practice in anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine. Proposals must therefore be directly relevant to this goal. Note that proposals for pilot work may be considered provided the pilot is specifically designed to gather information that would assist in the design of a larger trial. The primary aim of the CTN is to support multi-site trials however in exceptional circumstances the CTN workshop may consider single centre trials. Note that proposals that describe purely observational studies with only indirect relevance to future trials will not be considered.

Abstracts will be triaged for presentation based on the following guidelines:

  • The grant application deadline.
  • The new proposal focuses on the preparation of a clinical trial.
  • Proposals that are not clearly linked to a future clinical trial will not be sent for review.
  • Abstracts must state three key issues which you would like feedback from the group at the workshop either around methodology or feasibility.
  • Proposals will be selected by the reviewers who they think will benefit the most from the discussion at the online and face-to-face sessions and align with the strategic aims of the CTN.
  • Proposals will also be considered from principal investigators where they are seeking feedback on particular issues around the conduct of a trial that has already started in network.

Presentation guidelines
Presenters will be allocated a session time for their presentation. A maximum of six slides is allowed for each presentation which must include one slide on specific issues to discuss.

To allow for adequate discussion time to address protocol development and feasibility, presenters will need to allocate no more than 30 percent of your allocated session time to present the proposal, with the remaining time reserved for discussion with colleagues attending in-person and virtually.

The chair of the session will provide further guidance ahead of the meeting.


Emerging investigators workshop - part 1 and 2
The CTN Executive and Emerging Investigators Subcommittee will be hosting a face-to-face Emerging investigators workshop on Sunday 7 August. The workshop will be held as two parts and is open to in-person delegates for AU$132.

Part 1 will focus on multicentre studies and be held at 9-10.15am. Part 2 will be held at 10.45am-12pm and focus on clinical trials development. Please note the cost of AU$132 is inclusive of the part 1 and 2 workshops, morning tea and lunch. The cost remains the same regardless whether delegates attend one or both sessions.

Social program

If you plan to attend the social functions please register online prior to Thursday 14 July otherwise we may be unable to accommodate you due to venue requirements. 

Thursday 4 August
Anaesthesia research co-ordinators’ networking dinner

This function is open to allied health, trainees and research co-ordinators. Dinner will be held at Santa Monica on Ann Street Brisbane at 5.45-7.30pm on Thursday 4 August. The dinner is a casual evening filled with American style food. During the evening you will get a chance to meet with your mentors and network other research co-ordinators from around Australia and New Zealand.  The cost of the dinner is included in the allied health registration fee. Attendees are also welcome to stay on for the informal networking drinks and can purchase additional beverages and food at their own cost.

Informal networking drinks
For delegates wishing to catch up with other attendees prior to the conference, informal networking drinks will be held at 7-8.30pm on Thursday 4 August at Santa Monica on Ann Street Brisbane. The cost is $33 which includes a welcome drink and nibbles.

If you are attending the ARCN networking dinner and wish to stay on for the informal networking drinks, there's no need to also register for the drinks. Attendees can purchase additional food and beverages at their own cost.
Friday 5 August
Welcome reception

The welcome reception will be held on Friday 5 August, 6.30-9pm at Crystalbrook Vincent, a short 20 minute walk from the conference venue. Enjoy a selection of delicious canapés and drinks whilst networking with other delegates. The cost is included in the registration fee. 
Saturday 6 August
Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held on Saturday 6 August from 6.30-10pm at Riverlife. Enjoy spectacular views of Story Bridge while mingling with colleagues and feasting on delicious cuisine. The cost is included in the registration fee for all delegates. Additional tickets for guests can be purchased for $143. Riverlife is a 20 minute walk from the conference venue and you can register for the bus transfer from Pullman Brisbane at the time of registration.

Sunday 8 August
Emerging researchers breakfast
A breakfast and coffee catch up will be held on Sunday 7 August at 7.45-8.45am at Brew Cafe & Wine Bar. To register your interest to come along, complete this form and Dr Jennifer Reilly will be in contact with you. 


A special group rate is available subject to availability for delegates at the Pullman Brisbane King George Square and Mecure Brisbane King George Square. We strongly recommend you make your reservation as soon as possible to secure these discounted rates. Please book your accommodation when you register.

Reservations can be made via emailing Reservations or calling 07 3229 9111 and quoting 'Aus & NZ College of Anaesthetists'.

Pullman King George Square (rate per night):
$235.00 Pullman Twin room (Room Only)  
$275.00 Pullman King balcony room or an Pullman King executive room (Room only)

Mercure King George Square (rate per night):
$180.00 Superior Tower room (Room Only)

All rates are quoted per room, per night in Australia Dollars ($AUD) and are inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax). No cancellation fee will apply for any bookings cancelled on or at least 72 hours (3 days prior) to arrival.  Any cancellations after this time will incur a 1 nights cancellation fee.

Full buffet breakfast is available in Goldfinch Restaurant and café for an additional $A42 per person per day or alternately if pre-booked and prepaid it is a reduced rate of $A25 per person per day.  

Rooms are limited, please book early to ensure you don’t miss out.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Participants in the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program will automatically have their attendance accredited to their CPD portfolio within 14 days of the conclusion of the meeting.

ANZCA and FPM CPD Program approval
This event is claimable by ANZCA and FPM CPD participants within the knowledge and skills and emergency responses categories.

Knowledge and skills activities
Lectures for one credit per hour. Workshops and small group discussions for two credits per hour.

If you're not a member of our CPD program
Delegates who are not participants in the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program should check with their respective colleges regarding CPD.

Social media

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the event hashtag #CTN2022.

Contact us

For further information, please contact the Events team.

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    4 August - 7 August

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  • Location

    Pullman Brisbane , Brisbane City

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