Professor David A Scott

Professor David A Scott


David A Scott is Professor and Director of Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and University of Melbourne. He has had a career-long interest in acute pain management, having established and led the Acute Pain Service (APS) at St Vincent's from 1990 to 2009.

The APS started with a strong emphasis on regional analgesic techniques, which has persisted but also includes more sophisticated systemic approaches along with more acute-on-chronic pain. During this time he did a mid-career PhD investigating the neuropharmacology of neuropathic pain, which at least for a short time made him an expert on conotoxins and cannabinoids.

He was awarded his FFPMANZCA in 2004 and has ongoing research interests in pain medicine and acute neuropathic pain.

David has been a contributing editor to all editions of this book from the second to now the fifth. Each time deciding it will be “the last”. This reveals one of his biggest weaknesses, being a reluctance to say “no”.  The reward, as with so many other things, has been the opportunity to work closely with such highly committed and intelligent groups of people. 

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