ANZCA Council meeting update - March 2023

17 April 2023

Read a report of the ANZCA Council meeting held on 31 March and 1 April via zoom.

Information about ANZCA Council and its committees can be found here.

Council welcomed the New Zealand National Committee chair Dr Graham Roper, Tasmania Regional Committee chair Dr Bruce Newman, NSW Regional Committee chair, Associate Professor Nicole Phillips and ANZCA Trainee Committee Co-chairs Dr Alec Beresford and Dr Anthony Notaras to its internal session. 

Corporate Services

Councillors approved the ANZCA financial reports to 31 December 2022 and authorised the president and vice-president to sign off the financial statements and other relevant documents.

Council noted the following:

  • Audit findings and recommendations by Grant Thornton along with management representation letters for Australia and New Zealand.
  • December 2022 finance report.
  • February 2023 finance report.
  • Treasurer finance report.
  • Strategic Plan 2023-2025: Draft Operational Plan report.

Education and Training

Continuing professional development (CPD)
Council was asked to note the recent work of the CPD-RPG.

Periperative medicine (POM)
Council was asked to note the recent work of the POM Steering Committee and is excited to see the Diploma of Perioperative Medicine being formally launched at the 2023 ASM.

Lifelong Learning
Council was asked to note the project progress and continue to provide strategic oversight.

Research Committee membership
Council approved the appointment of Associate Professor Paul Lee-Archer and Dr Julie Lee to the Research Committee.

Fellowship Affairs

Council approved the nomination of Dr Andrew Potter as ANZCA ASM Convenor and Dr Danielle Volling-Geoghegan and Dr Daniel Foster, as the 2025 ANZCA ASM Scientific Co-convenors. Congratulations to all.

Professional Affairs

Regulation 30 - Reconsideration and review and Regualtion 31 - Appeals process

A review of Regulation 30 and 31 is underway by the directors of professional affairs.

FPM by-law amendment

FPM by-law 19

Council approved the recommendation to amend by-law 19 to provide clarify that the unit must demonstrate that it is a multidisciplinary team with integrated processes and practice within a sociopsychobiomedical framework.

The FPM accreditation handbook has also been reviewed and approved with the FPM committee structure to:

  • Identify that trainees should be asked to work at no more than four sites
  • Articulate the relationship between the FPM Training Unit Accreditation Committee and the ANZCA SIMG Committee
  • Ensure there is an appropriate case mix at the unit that covers the breadth of the curriculum


Council approved the endorsement of Dr Bridget Effeney as the co-opted representative for Queensland. Congratulations Bridget!

Council also congratulated Professor David Story on being re-elected as Vice President for a second term concluding at the 2024 AGM

We look forward to seeing many of you in person at the upcoming ASM in Sydney. With only 17 days to go, it is not too late to register.

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